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Detecting javascript errors using JSErrorCollector in firefox with cucumber and selenium or watir-webdriver



Hi All,

In this post we explain how to detect Javascript Errors in firefox using selenium, watir webdriver and cucumber. If you are unfamiliar with these frameworks you can read up on our previous post about Web testing with cucumber.

Get JSErrorCollector

First, you need to get JSErrorCollector.xpi which you can get here. Then, store it under features/support/extensions in your cucumber project location.


Add JSErrorCollector.xpi to your browser profile

require 'rubygems'
require 'selenium-webdriver'
require 'watir-webdriver'
require 'logger'
#Start the logger
$log ='log/selenium.log')
#Create a profile
profile =
#Add JS error detection to the profile!
profile.add_extension "features/support/extensions/JSErrorCollector.xpi" rescue p "Cannot add JSErrorCollector.xpi to profile"


Launch a browser using the profile you created

Now you can launch a new browser instance using:

$BROWSER = 'firefox', :profile => profile
$BROWSER.goto ""


When the JSErrorCollector is installed successfully, you will see the error collector counter in the bottom right of the launched browser as displayed in the image below.

Collect the JS errors

First off, we create a separate method to get the JS errors formatted how you want to display them when one or more JS errors are detected.

#Function that returns a string that presents the details of the occurred JS errors
def get_js_error_feedback()
  jserror_descriptions = ""
    jserrors = $BROWSER.execute_script("return window.JSErrorCollector_errors.pump()")
    jserrors.each do |jserror|
      $log.debug "ERROR: JS error detected:n#{jserror["errorMessage"]} (#{jserror["sourceName"]}:#{jserror["lineNumber"]})"
      jserror_descriptions += "JS error detected:
   #{jserror["errorMessage"]} (#{jserror["sourceName"]}:#{jserror["lineNumber"]})
  rescue Exception => e
    $log.debug "Checking for JS errors failed with: #{e.message}"


Raise exception when JS error is detected

When using cucumber, you can create a hook after every teststep. In this hook we raise an exception when one or more JS errors are detected.

AfterStep do |scenario|
  raise get_js_error_feedback() unless get_js_error_feedback().empty?

Note that this is a Collector, so at the end of each execution, the JS errors of all the visited pages are collected. For speeding up the tests, you can do the check after the end of each scenario (use hook AfterScenario) and cleanup the list after that.

Good Luck!

8 responses to “Detecting javascript errors using JSErrorCollector in firefox with cucumber and selenium or watir-webdriver”

  1. near says:

    very good ,thx 。Hope to have more knowledge to learn

  2. Dan says:

    There’s an error in your example.

    $BROWSER = ‘firefox’, :profile => $profile

    should be

    $BROWSER = ‘firefox’, :profile => profile

  3. Mickael says:

    Thank you for the article.

    I was trying to use this setup on my project, where we are using Capybara; but now the visit(“http://….”) method fails with:

    undefined method `visit’ for # (NoMethodError)

    Any idea why that could be and how to workaround the problem?

    I think what’s causing the problem is this line, as commenting it out doesn’t throw the error:

    profile.add_extension “features/support/extensions/JSErrorCollector.xpi” rescue p “Cannot add JSErrorCollector.xpi to profile”

  4. Mickael says:

    When I got the error above I had the profile.add line before:, :profile => profile)

    Now that I’ve put the following:

    Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|
    profile =
    #Add JS error detection to the profile!
    profile.add_extension “features/support/extensions/JSErrorCollector.xpi” rescue p “Cannot add JSErrorCollector.xpi to profile”

    I’m getting this error:

    Zip end of central directory signature not found (Zip::ZipError)

  5. Naveen says:

    Thank you for the post.. It works like charm.
    It will surely save several hours of my time.

    Thanks again

  6. SunIT Labs says:

    Well written…..This is the best article which is useful to all Online Learners…

    Learn SELENIUM through Online for Details Please go through the Link


  7. sarose says:

    I am trying this code on a page with bunch of java script errors that I invoked, but it doesn’t seem to do log anything relevant that would indicate js errors collected. Can some one help?

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