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My alien has returned to his own planet, leaving me with a re-organized brain and a manual. That gives me enough space upstairs to think about strategy, namely: why would a brilliant tester want to work at spriteCloud? Good question!

In search of some inspiration for my weekly blog, the morning news brought an interesting article; bullying at work is a costly affair and more than one million people are victims of some kind of bullying. How sad is that? I personally think the real figures are much higher, more of an iceberg effect.

Bullying is costing our society and organizations billions, because people call in sick much more, and are less productive, because they are less motivated. On top of that, managers are reason number one why people leave an organization. That is the other cause of a huge amount of extra costs.

So much for the process and cost optimization in those companies. I figure much of those managers are bullies themselves. We at spriteCloud see that as personal and professional incompetence and that is why we don’t have managers. Just our board of the three musketeers, the owners and also our brilliant testers themselves. Of course we make fun of each other at times, but we respect each other and motivate and stimulate each other where necessary and we never have to ask to get some help.

That’s why after my Suits disaster last week, I could watch the complete series last weekend, thanks to my dear colleague Stephan, our financial controller. He has promised me the rest of the series as well. (I won’t be available for any social activities for the next couple of weeks.) You see, that is what we call good fellowship and that is why we love working here; we don’t bully, we communicate.

Could the above be reasons why testers want to work at spriteCloud?

Let me know what you think.

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