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‘Our biggest competitor is the option to not test at all’

This week, our Business Development Manager talks about the benefits of spriteCloud’s approach to software testing.

14 months ago, I joined spriteCloud as a ‘rookie’ in the software testing world. After being rapidly pumped full of information and presentations, the first customer visits presented themselves. After my first meetings with the responsible managers, it was clear that spriteCloud was offering something special. Even this non-technical business guy now knows the added value of external testing.

spriteCloud is a great company to work for in general, with short lines and creative business ideas that can be implemented a month after being brought up. It is an excellent environment for somebody new in the business. After my first few months as the sales guy for spriteCloud, it hit me that most of our clients found us through word-of-mouth, so our service was selling itself…

We need to conquer the world with spriteCloud

Nonetheless, like every company, we want to expand, or as our management team puts it: we need to conquer the world with spriteCloud! Therefore, we needed to listen more to the companies that we were serving, plus we needed to convince other companies why testing is so important for them. We needed to spread the spriteCloud message: Test your software, not your reputation! And so we did. Soon we found out that our service was very specialized and our market segment in the digital world was already strongly represented: the foundation was there, ready to expand! Testing for creative agencies on a project basis – a popular service we provide – is still pretty unique, especially with the flexibility that we offer as a service provider. We prefer software testing on-demand, without any tremendously long discussions about the scope of the project or pricing models, providing ad-hoc solutions by working together with the client.

Hire an expert to do the same job better

What we found was that a lot of companies, especially in the creative tech industry, respond to our testing requests in the same way. A large number of companies that we reached out to mentioned that they test internally. Sometimes that means a receptionist tests, the whole development team drops everything and tests, or other stakeholders test. Another thing, which is interesting for us, was that all of those stakeholders did not like to test, and were not good at testing. Lets be honest, everyone wants to work on something they are good at. Developers are great at writing code, project managers are great at organizing, and testers are great at testing. Furthermore, developers testing on a project budget is not free either, is it? So you might as well hire an expert to do the same job better!

A lot of companies I speak to tell me the same: with small budgets, already thinly spread across the project, the first thing cut out is usually testing and I get that. Convincing clients that we are able to think with them instead of think for them is always the hard part. But when they are convinced, they will most likely understand the added value of having a testing partner who can staff a 3 day project for the next week, can build their test automation suite from scratch, and can execute performance tests in-house. All the testing you desire underneath the same roof.

A small suggestion: do not put your (web-)application live without us looking at it. Because you should test your software, not your reputation.

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