This was testing done for aFrogLeap agency for their work on the HEMA app. Manually ensuring the app being developed is stable and ready while detecting bugs before users.

Project details

Client: aFrogLeap (for HEMA)
Website reach:  International (NL, BE, GB, GE, FR)
Date project: 2018 – Present
Services: Functional testing, Exploratory testing, Regression testing, Acceptance testing.

Manual Functional Testing for HEMA app and website.

The application is tested in multiple devices and platforms while cross-referencing with the website (as users are connected). More than 14 physical smartphone types have been used for testing, ranging from iPhone 4 to Samsung Galaxy S9, all to ensure wide coverage of users and devices.

Technical Test Details:
Environments tested: 3
Number of devices used: 14+
Platforms: Android (4.4.2 to 9.0) and iOS (10.0-12.0)

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