Announcing spriteCloud Calliope

We’re excited to announce the release of our test automation product spriteCloud Calliope!

spriteCloud Calliope is the culmination of our years of experience with helping our customers integrate test automation into their development process. When we provide automated testing services, we typically use cucumber with our own LapisLazuli extensions. Between them, these tools tackle the problem of maintaining complex test suites. spriteCloud Calliope integrates them into your workflow.

Continuous Quality

Everyone we speak to understands the value of automated testing as a means to detect regressions early. But for that promise to be fulfilled, having a test suite is not enough. You also need to run the tests, preferably regularly or as a Continuous Integration hook.

Beyond that, a single test result set tells you very little about the progress of your project. A failure in a test scenario may occur due to a feature that simply hasn’t been implemented yet, or be the kind of regression you actually want to detect. Without historical results to compare to, this distinction is impossible.


At launch, spriteCloud Calliope provides the following features:

  • Zero Set-Up/Maintenance: execute all test suites on the spriteCloud Calliope infrastructure.
  • Web Testing: leverage Watir and Selenium to test web applications.
  • Scheduling: use spriteCloud Calliope’s flexible scheduling to run test suites at any time, in any time zone. In your sleep.
  • Continuous Integration: use CI hooks to notify spriteCloud Calliope of a new deployment to test.
  • Notifications: be notified of status changes in your project’s test results.
  • Analysis: explore historical test results, complete with browser screenshots.


At the core of spriteCloud Calliope lies our very own spriteCloud API, engineered for high availability and scalability. We firmly believe that a workflow oriented product is only as good as the interfaces it provides: we can’t anticipate all your requirements, but we can enable you to fulfil them.

That means spriteCloud Calliope is not just the product you can use right now, but a platform for integrating software quality products. We’d love to hear about your continuous quality needs, so we can ensure we’re providing the best-of-breed platform for this!

Reach Out

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, a demonstration or suggestions.

Written by: Mark Barzilay

Graduated with honors from TU Delft in 2007 studying Electrical Engineering and Media & Knowledge Engineering. Founded spriteCloud in 2009 and worked on test automation ever since, helping out small and large companies with their test automation strategy and infrastructure. Mark is also leading the development on, an online platform for all your automated test results.

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