Andy is a Founder/CEO of spriteCloud and Principal Software Test Consultant. He has 30 years experience in the ICT field, with the majority of it in software testing roles. He holds a B.Informatics, Hons degree from Griffith University, Australia. Andy loves anything IT tech and is an avid reader of UFO conspiracies.

Testing in a Scrum team which uses the Gitflow workflow

Workflow for Git Model

Over the last couple of years I have worked on many projects using the Gitflow workflow. This well established workflow works really well for teams working according to Scrum. For a detailed explanation of the Gitflow workflow I highly recommend reading Vincent Driessen’s blog. I would also recommend reading our post about how to setup […]

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spriteCloud selected as a member of the Fast Growth Icons Amsterdam Network 2017

spriteCloud has been selected as a member of the Fast Growth Icons Amsterdam network 2017

We have been selected as a member of the Fast Growth Icons Amsterdam Network, an invitation-only network for well-established, fast-growing businesses. The network brings together the founders and CEOs of later-stage startups to discuss the practical realities of building a $100m+ revenue business. Reflecting our success and rapid growth, we are immensely proud to be […]

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Which Android versions should I test on?

Android versions to consider in 2017.

In the last Android statistics blog, I made the prediction that Android 7 would really take a larger market share. Obviously that was to be expected. We have seen Android 7 Nougat grow from 7.1% to 13.5% this month. It is not hard to predict that by November, Android Nougat will have reached a solid […]

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Oedipus and the testing Sphinx

A long time ago, in ancient Greek, Oedipus was travelling to Thebe. On his way, he crossed the path of a Sphinx. The Sphinx stopped all travellers on the road to Thebe to ask them a riddle. If they were not able to answer the riddle correctly, they would be killed and eaten. If the […]

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My visit to VR days Europe

At spriteCloud, we love technology. We are one of Europe’s first Virtual Reality testing companies and we are proud of it. So, when VR days Europe was held on our doorstep, we did not hesitate to dive in! We were proud sponsors of the event and our testers were active participants. I went there on […]

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The zombie Scrum apocalypse is upon us!

A couple of weeks ago, I met them. In real life. Scrum zombies! It was at Scrum day Europe 2016. Scrum day is not their natural habitat, they were brought in by two highly skilled Scrum zombie fighters as examples of what can happen when you are touched by the Scrum zombie virus. The zombies […]

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What is the benefit of Scrum Master certification to a Software Tester?

Recently, I passed the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification on Reading the Scrum guide made me wonder: What is the benefit of doing the PSM I certification to a tester? Testers do not have a specified role in a Scrum team, they are just one of the guys/girls developing. But most functional […]

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Can a receptionist do QA?

Recently I was at a company whose QA effort was done part time by a receptionist, typically just before the release went out. The senior project manager would get her to spend an hour clicking around a pre-production site to see if – in her estimation – it worked sufficiently well to go live to […]

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RubyonRails Freebsd 8.0 RC1

Building a Ruby on Rails test server on FreeBSD 8.0 RC1 We’re a Ruby on Rails shop at our place and we work on a number of different platforms for developing and testing our stuff; the devs normally work on macs, while the staging environment – this week – is Ubuntu’s Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) distribution. However I’m […]

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activerecord has_many :through relationship

There are a good number of different join models with Rails, some more complicated than others. One of my favorite is has_many :through, it lets you join two models together using a separate join table which can also hold extra attributes for that join. So… a release has many test cases, but a test case […]

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What’s the real value in QA for cloud consumer services?

I got to thinking about this – again for the umpteenth time – during an informal lunch conversation with a group of developers and QA’ers discussing challenges in their jobs. This friend of mine, who is a very senior individual at his social network startup, was telling us a story about the problems that he […]

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