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6 reasons why external software testers are essential for development teams

6 reasons why external software testers are essential

We of all people understand the incredible value that thorough testing has when it comes to building quality software. Bugs get identified and reported quicker, backlogs are prioritised better, and solutions to business-critical issues are resolved.  In our experience, an external software testing partner working alongside an in-house team not only improves a product’s quality …

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Baruch Annink promoted to Director of Consulting Services

Baruch Annink, Director of Consulting Service

Our long-time business development manager Baruch has recently been promoted to our Director of Consulting Services. After joining five years ago and learning a lot in quality assurance and project sales, this promotion suits his projected career path. This change of role means more responsibility regarding service delivery, quality of work and identifying new service …

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“Testing, Testing and Testing,” an interview with spriteCloud founders on New Business Radio

spritespriteCloud founders on Let's Talk Business on New Business Radio

Yesterday spriteCloud founders Andy and Mark were interviewed on the national New Business Radio programme “Let’s Talk New Business.”  During the nearly hour-long segment, the two talked about:  What spriteCloud does How spriteCloud was founded The industry of software testing and cybersecurity SaaS products in general and Calliope Pro for test automation Hiring highly technical …

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Software Testing at a Digital Agency

You know software testing and what is required to thoroughly test an application, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. However, the factors that contribute to successful testing are dependent on many things, such as the work environment. No two businesses are the same and software testing in a Digital Agency is quite a bit different than …

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Introducing Justin Leavenworth, Cybersecurity Managing Director

A few months ago we announced that Justin Leavenworth would be heading up the cybersecurity arm of spriteCloud. After some time to settle in, Justin is now actively working with clients to provide vulnerability scanning and penetration testing solutions to their organisation. Justin is also working with organisations that traditionally weren’t so concerned with cybersecurity …

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spriteCloud provided regression testing and functional testing services for the mobile app Parlingo Project details Client: Parlingo Website reach: International Date project: April 2016- April 2018 Services: Regression testing and Functional testing Remote QA Services Performed QA services for Palringo. We have performed testing on iOS and Android mobile devices. As the client is in the UK, we worked …

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Software Testing Client - Heineken logo

spriteCloud provided regression testing, performance testing and functional testing services for the Heineken’s Online Drinks B.V Project details Client: Heineken Website reach: International Date project: May 2018- Dec 2018 Services: Regression testing, Functional testing and Performance testing. Performed QA Services Performed QA services for Online Drinks B.V. which is part of Heineken. We did testing on 7 different markets …

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Koninklijke Bibliotheek

koninklijke bibliotheek logo

spriteCloud provided regression testing, performance testing and test automation services for the Bibliotheek.nl websites. Project details Client: Koninklijke Bibliotheek Website reach: National Date project: 2011 – 2019 Services: Regression testing, test automation, test automation maintenance and performance testing Previous Next Test automation and test automation maintenance. The test automation suite at Bibliotheek.nl can be run on 4 different environments …

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G-Star RAW

G Star Raw

spriteCloud provided regression testing and functional acceptance test services for G-Star RAW. Project details Client: G-Star RAW Website reach:  International Date project: 14-08-2018 until 14-10-2018 Services: Functional Test and Regression Test Functional Acceptance and Regression Testing G-Star RAW is continually changing and improving its websites, therefore they work Agile, in sprints of two weeks they bring changes and new …

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Blokker Logo

Making sure in short time that no regression issues were introduced in UI/API layers for two countries and main flows are working as expected. Project details Client: BlokkerWebsite reach: Netherlands, BelgiumDate project: 2018Services: Regression testing, test automation, test automation maintenance, test automation improvements, CI/CD process implementation Previous Next The test automation suite at Blokker can be run on 3 …

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Hely logo

Mobile App functional and exploratory testing for Hely. Project details Client: Hely Website reach:  National (Mobile App) Date project: 2018 – 2019 Services: Functional testing and Exploratory testing Previous Next Performed QA services for Hely App (Mobility Solutions and Services). We had a challenge while performing testing on this app, as testing by spriteCloud was allocated for only one …

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Ajax logo

spriteCloud provided functional testing and security testing for two Ajax websites. Project details Client: Ajax Amsterdam Website reach: International Date project: February 2019 – March 2019 Services: Functional testing, SSO testing, Security testing Previous Next Functional Acceptance Testing and Security Testing. The Ajax project was a functional and security testing for five domains on 14 devices included mobiles, tablets and …

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Ahold Delhaize

Software Testing Client - Ahold Delhaize logo

We made a test plan and managed/coordinated end-to end-testing and automated test cases for the front- and back-end at Ahold for Etos. Project details Client:  Ahold – Etos eCommerce Website reach: National Date project:  November 2018 – Present Services: Regression testing, Test Automation, Beta/Acceptance Testing Test automation and test planning. For the new webshop of Etos, we created a …

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aFrogleap logo

This was testing done for aFrogLeap agency for their work on the HEMA app. Manually ensuring the app being developed is stable and ready while detecting bugs before users. Project details Client: aFrogLeap (for HEMA) Website reach:  International (NL, BE, GB, GE, FR) Date project: 2018 – Present Services: Functional testing, Exploratory testing, Regression testing, Acceptance testing. Previous Next …

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Testing an AR type app used in a promo campaign for Zurich Insurance.  This is using a similar mechanic as ‘Pokemon Go’ to discover (catch) AR spawned cars that then can be protected by the famous Zurich Insurance’s blue hat. The resulting pictures can be shared on social media (Facebook). Project details Client: TWNKLS Website reach:  International …

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Miele BDD Workshop

Miele logo

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) training at Miele Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an agile software development process designed to encourage collaboration between the three primary stakeholders involved in development projects; business managers, developers, and testers. BDD was born out of test-driven development and revolves around rethinking unit testing and acceptance testing.  To acheive this, scripting …

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Ben logo

Implementing automated testing at a leading telecom provider Ben NL, or Ben, is a Dutch virtual mobile network operated by T-Mobile Netherlands with roughly 600,000 users. Its users are mainly students and people within the 30-40-year-old age group. Ben offers its voice, text, and data services at a highly discounted rate and this is achieved …

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Hunkemoller Logo

Manual integration and E2E testing for omnichannel project Hunkemöller is a Dutch lingerie brand headquartered in Hilversum with over 900 stores worldwide and in 2018 earned 615M EUR in revenue. Hunkemöller operates an omnichannel retail model, which contains own-operated stores, shop-in-shops, eCommerce and international franchises. A state-of-the-art IT platform supports this omnichannel model. Using this …

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GrandVision logo

Efficiently testing an integrated multi-brand eCom platform GrandVision is a global leader in the optical retail market, operating in more the 40 countries, in over 7,000 stores and operating online under many brand names. The organisation offering prescription and non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. GrandVision operates under its own brand name as well as …

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