Travis is the Digital Marketing Specialist at spriteCloud. He has an MSc in Marketing and a background in content marketing. He enjoys writing articles about cybersecurity the most. He also enjoys cooking and travelling.

Press Release: spriteCloud Launches Subscription-Based Software Testing Services

Software Testing Subscription simplifies testing.

New monthly subscription service aims to make software quality assurance more consistent and affordable in the face of ever quicker software release cycles. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 2nd, 2020 – spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam based software testing and cybersecurity services provider, announces the launch of a Software Testing Subscription service. The new subscription model […]

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Testing Titans: Bas Dijkstra, test automation trainer and consultant

Testing Titans with Bas Dijkstra

Welcome to Testing Titans! Consider this the first in a series of many in-depth interviews with movers and shakers in the software testing and quality assurance industry. The goal behind these interviews and, the series as a whole, is to lift the veil on the software testing world and shine a light on the concepts, […]

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Getting to know us: Justin Kruisdijk, our new Business Development Manager

Getting to know us: Justin Kruisdijk, our new Business Development Manager

He’s tall, he’s friendly, he’s Dutch, and he’s a Feyenoord fan. We won’t hold it against you, Justin.  All jokes aside though, we’re happy to welcome Justin as the newest member of the spriteCloud family and the newest addition to our Business Development team.  Tell us about yourself. Hi! My name is Justin Kruisdijk. I […]

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LambdaTest cross-browser testing results in

LambdaTest and team up

spriteCloud’s and LambdaTest team up to deliver functional testing results. What this means is that we have identified LambdaTest as an excellent solution for cross-browser functional testing in the cloud and recommend it to clients as our preferred Functional Testing Partner. This also means that LambdaTest has also seen great potential in as […]

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Test automation: Benefits and Drawbacks

Test Automation: Benefits and Drawbacks

Like many processes, test automation is a coin with two sides to it. When done correctly, test automation can significantly increase your development team’s performance and test coverage. On the other hand, test automation can also be difficult to implement, maintain, and stay on budget. This is especially the case with an inexperienced team and […]

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The difference between manual testing and test automation

The difference between manual testing and test automation.

While the differences between these two forms of testing is pretty obvious by their names, manual and automated. While it seems clear, it is important to give a fuller explanation to these two different yet inexorably connected forms of tests. If you have spent as much time reading, working, and thinking about test automation as […]

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Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning: what’s the difference?

What is penetration testing?

There is a considerable amount of confusion in the security testing industry regarding penetration testing. This confusion mainly revolves around understanding the differences between what is penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Despite the two services being quite different, they are equally vital for evaluating and maintaining an organisation’s security posture. This situation has come about […]

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spriteCloud adds new tests to its security and penetration testing services

spritecloud expands its security testing and penetration testing services.

Back in January spriteCloud began offering security testing services to current and prospective clients. Specifically, those testing services were penetration testing for web applications, infrastructure, and mobile applications. As mentioned in our press release from January 24th, 2019, our decision to begin offering security and penetration testing services grew out of the recent notable increases […]

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Introducing, the new spriteCloud website design

The spriteCloud website in 2019

If you know spriteCloud, you know about our great reputation when it comes to providing expert software testing solutions to clients of all sizes. You might also know what our website looked like and how it was pretty outdated. ‘Was’ being the key word there. After several years putting marketing aside to focus on other […]

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Press Release: Amsterdam-based software testing services provider, spriteCloud, launches ‘ethical hacking’ penetration testing services

Penetration Testing at spriteCloud

Ethical hackers are certified security experts attempting to gain entry into your website, application or network using methods and knowledge available to malicious hackers. The goal is to discover vulnerabilities for you before real hackers do. Amsterdam, NL: January 24th, 2019 – spriteCloud B.V., a provider of software testing services, announces the introduction of security […]

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The benefits of using an external test lab

Device lab: desktop, tablet, mobile

In a world of cloud-based tooling, sometimes what you really need is to see how your app might work on a real device. I have visited this topic in a previous post, when I discussed the factors you should take into account when conducting cross-browser testing. I’d like to zoom in closer on the last […]

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The testing recruitment Challenge

Monday, starting the week with another day in recruitment, where you hope that your inbox will be filled with good CV’s of software testers. Not only non-EU candidates but also Dutch speaking testers with test automation skills. Unfortunately for me, the market has flipped totally from a client driven market to a candidate driven market. […]

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