Baruch Annink promoted to Director of Consulting Services

Baruch Annink, Director of Consulting Service

Our long-time business development manager Baruch has recently been promoted to our Director of Consulting Services.

After joining five years ago and learning a lot in quality assurance and project sales, this promotion suits his projected career path. This change of role means more responsibility regarding service delivery, quality of work and identifying new service lines for spriteCloud. Another significant addition is the ramp-up of setting up new international relationships between spriteCloud and different subsidiaries and client relations.

Fun fact: Baruch originally applied for a junior software testing role at spriteCloud.

Most of our clients have spoken to Baruch, and this will not change; he will continue to be the point of contact for all clients. Without him, spriteCloud would likely not be the company it is. As director of consulting services, he is responsible for a very important part of spriteCloud’s business, making sure our test engineers get projects and that our clients are happy.

Get in touch with Baruch

Say congraulations to Baruch on the new promotion or get in touch with him to hire our expert test engineers.


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