Regression tests and end-to-end automation tests were developed to test the mobile application called ‘Ik Ben’ for T-Mobile. “Ik Ben” is the self-service and account app for Ben, a subsidiary brand of T-Mobile Nederland.

Client: T-Mobile/Ben
Website reach: National
Date project: Oct 2019 – present
Services: End-to-end automation tests, Regression tests, CI/CD implementation
Test skills used:  Regression testing, Automation tests using detox, CI/CD

For the mobile app ‘Ik Ben’, We coordinated with the internal development team to create the test cases as the automation tests involved grey box testing with the Detox framework. This framework was used because the mobile application uses React Native and Detox works that.

We developed a test plan and worked on tests like regression tests, exploratory tests and end-to-end tests using Detox test automation framework. The application is tested on multiple devices including the operating systems, Android and iOS. CI/CD was also implemented to run the tests on every commit. The automation test framework is still in progress.

Automated test suite details

  • Total number of test scenarios: 16
  • Total execution time of test suite: 10-15 minutes
  • Technologies/frameworks used: Javascript, Detox, Cucumber, TeamCity

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