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Making sure in short time that no regression issues were introduced in UI/API layers for two countries and main flows are working as expected.

Project details

Client: Blokker
Website reach: Netherlands, Belgium
Date project: 2018
Services: Regression testing, test automation, test automation maintenance, test automation improvements, CI/CD process implementation

The test automation suite at Blokker can be run on 3 different environments and for 2 countries (Netherlands and Belgium). During engagement of spriteCloud a bunch of improvements have been done: dynamic products selection, CI/CD process implementation, improved tests reporting, etc. Beneficial here is that most of the scenarios that are created can run on all the environments, creating wide test coverage with minimal effort.

Automated test suite details
Total number of test scenarios: 350 (per country)
Total execution time test suite: 10-15 minutes
Total development capacity: ~ 80days (including maintenance)
Technologies/frameworks used: Java, Serenity, Cypress, Jenkins, IBM DB2 Database

Written by: spriteCloud

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