The Muse that Helps Your Test Suites Tell Their Stories

A look at the reporting tool.

A look at how the reporting tool works makes collaborating with colleague easy. allows for team to collaborate easily.


Tests answer questions. Test results, over time, tell stories. But, if these results are not shared with stakeholders in a language they can understand, the important lessons these stories tell will not be learned.

Solution, a dashboard, independent of any test solution, that unifies your test automation results to share with the world. Only provides a well-managed and robust framework for harnessing TA output for professional decision-making. Keep your entire development team (developers, project owners, testers, etc.) up-to-date on the health and progress of the development project via sharing, comparing, and monitoring your test results in once location, with


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Ahold Delhaize
Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Paul Vissers

“spriteCloud has successfully implemented an important regression test suite for our platform using The regression tests are running with high frequency on our environments.”

Paul Vissers | Quality Architect | Holland Casino

Coen Zwarts

“For many years now we are successfully using the test automation setup of spriteCloud in combination with for regression testing and monitoring of business critical functionality. Because of this we often detect a problem before a client does.”

Coen Zwarts | Team Lead Service Manager | Royal Dutch Library