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When developers don’t see test results, products don’t work well.

Software development is under pressure to become quicker, and because of this, development teams are growing larger. When teams grow in size, managing information gets harder, especially when its the near-constant stream of QA test results data required in Agile and DevOps practices.


Calliope Pro is a test results reporting and monitoring dashboard for all stakeholders to monitor all test results in one location. 

Know the stability of the code from the latest unit tests, monitor performance & load results, and view results of security tools like Burp and ZAProxy. Only Calliope Pro provides a well-managed and robust framework for harnessing testing data for professional decision-making. Keep your entire development team (developers, product owners, testers, etc.) up-to-date on the health and progress of the development project via sharing, comparing, and monitoring your test results with Calliope Pro. and its support testing types

Calliope Pro DevOps results monitoring dashboard

Calliope Pro makes collaborating easy

A look at how the test results reporting tool works is a test results dashboard that allows for teams to collaborate easily.
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