Your DevOps tool of choice for monitoring continuous testing results

A look at the DevOps test results monitoring tool. makes collaborating with colleagues easy.

A look at how the test results reporting tool works is a test results dashboard that allows for teams to collaborate easily.


Tests answer questions. Test results, over time, tell stories. But, if these results are not shared with stakeholders in a language they can understand, the important lessons these stories tell will not be learned. 

Or in simpler terms. when developers does see test results, products don’t work well.

Solution, a DevOps tool to monitoring test results, that unifies your test automation results to share with your development team. Only provides a well-managed and robust framework for harnessing Test Automation output for professional decision-making. Keep your entire development team (developers, product owners, testers, etc.) up-to-date on the health and progress of the development project via sharing, comparing, and monitoring your test results in one location, with