We made a test plan and managed/coordinated end-to end-testing and automated test cases for the front- and back-end at Ahold for Etos.

Project details
Client:  Ahold – Etos eCommerce
Website reach: National
Date project:  November 2018 – Present
Services: Regression testing, Test Automation, Beta/Acceptance Testing

Test automation and test planning.

For the new webshop of Etos, we created a test plan and have coordinated various test types like the UAT (User Acceptance Test). We have also automated tests for both the front-end and back-end systems. To automate testing for the back-end was really a big challenge but we were able to make a great start and we are still busy with this.

The Etos webshop went live at the end of January.

Automated test suite details (still in development)
Total number of test scenarios: 78
Total number of test steps: 267
Total execution time test suite: 22 minutes
Current maintenance capacity (40 hours a week)