Testing an AR type app used in a promo campaign for Zurich Insurance. This is using a similar mechanic as ‘Pokemon Go’ to discover (catch) AR spawned cars that then can be protected by the famous Zurich Insurance’s blue hat. The resulting pictures can be shared on social media (Facebook).

Project details:
Client: TWNKLS
Website reach:  International
Date project: 14-18 march 2016
Services: Mobile testing, AR testing, Critical path, regression and integration testing.

Car Hunt

Exploratory and performance testing for AR app

The testing period started with functionality testing, user onboarding systems (new user and login processes) and social media integration. As the project evolved, the focus shifted on the stress and performance testing and culminated with a couple of rounds of ‘live’ testing – using the app on test devices and generating the AR objects in specific map locations. All of these tests were done on a combination of phones and Android and iOS versions that was representative to the March 2016 mobile users market.

Technical Test Details:
Mobile testing on a combination of mainstream phones and operating systems: Android and iOS.
Test cases : Functional, integration and regression cases
Test devices : 8 mobile devices
Operating systems versions: 4

Car Hunt screenshot