LambdaTest cross-browser testing results in

LambdaTest and team up

spriteCloud’s and LambdaTest team up to deliver functional testing results. What this means is that we have identified LambdaTest as an excellent solution for cross-browser functional testing in the cloud and recommend it to clients as our preferred Functional Testing Partner. This also means that LambdaTest has also seen great potential in as […]

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The difference between manual testing and test automation

The difference between manual testing and test automation.

While the differences between these two forms of testing is pretty obvious by their names, manual and automated. While it seems clear, it is important to give a fuller explanation to these two different yet inexorably connected forms of tests. If you have spent as much time reading, working, and thinking about test automation as […]

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Press Release: spriteCloud launches for immediate use by worldwide test automation community imports JSON and XML test results from Cucumber, jUnit and other major software test automation tools and makes the data easily accessible in a central, shareable dashboard Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 23, 2018 – spriteCloud B.V., a provider of software testing services, announces the worldwide availability of the unified test results dashboard […]

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Set up and run your Cucumber and Selenium web tests on Gitlab-CI within minutes

(CI-CD) continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline

Build great software faster! CI/CD is hot and is still gaining interest. Test Automation is obviously essential within any Continuous Integration setup in order to get test feedback often and fast. Within the test automation groups here at spriteCloud we have seen a lot of different setups. We have been integrating test automation into CI […]

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