Press Release: spriteCloud Launches Subscription-Based Software Testing Services

Software Testing Subscription simplifies testing.

New monthly subscription service aims to make software quality assurance more consistent and affordable in the face of ever quicker software release cycles. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 2nd, 2020 – spriteCloud B.V., an Amsterdam based software testing and cybersecurity services provider, announces the launch of a Software Testing Subscription service. The new subscription model […]

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Testing Titans: Bas Dijkstra, test automation trainer and consultant

Testing Titans with Bas Dijkstra

Welcome to Testing Titans! Consider this the first in a series of many in-depth interviews with movers and shakers in the software testing and quality assurance industry. The goal behind these interviews and, the series as a whole, is to lift the veil on the software testing world and shine a light on the concepts, […]

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