Standard platform, operating system and browser recommendations (April 2019)

Time for an update!

Introduction The following post updates our recommendations for platforms, operating systems and browsers to use when testing commercial web sites targeting consumers in Europe. Our recommendations are based on usage figures widely available on the Internet, our experience and our analysis of client needs. Since browser versions change frequently, we review and update these recommendations […]

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Mobile Automation Testing Tools: Test Automation For Rapid App Development

Mobile Automation Testing Tool

As with most development, mobile application development uses an agile way of working. Mobile app testing manually can be repetitive and time-consuming which costs you more time and money at the same time by onboarding more people to do the manual test. In line with sprint-based development, mobile automation testing has increased in popularity among […]

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The impact of thermal throttling and low-quality texture on VR testing sessions

VR testing session

I have been involved with testing many VR and AR applications, and I can safely say that they all come with their own specific challenges when it comes to the implementation of software testing. To run a testing project in this field successfully and not interfere with development time, it is vital that technical issues […]

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The benefits of using an external test lab

Device lab: desktop, tablet, mobile

In a world of cloud-based tooling, sometimes what you really need is to see how your app might work on a real device. I have visited this topic in a previous post, when I discussed the factors you should take into account when conducting cross-browser testing. I’d like to zoom in closer on the last […]

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Which Android versions should I test on?

Another month (and a bit) has passed, so Google has published new Android statistics []. There are no major changes but the trend is clearly visible. Only the latest Android version with market share (currently Android 6.0) is increasing. All other versions are stable or losing market share. This leads me to the next valuable […]

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Why game testing is important

During the first part of my discussion I covered part of the history and current market value of game and mobile game testing, as well as the simple differences it holds compared to application and web testing. In this second part I would like to outline in more detail how game testing is executed.

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Introduction to game and mobile game testing

In the past decade, games have grown to become one of the largest sectors within the software development industry. With its humble beginnings in the late 1970’s, the games market is now worth around a 100 Billion USD worldwide (figure 1), based on a report from games market research group NewZoo [1] with projections to […]

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