Testing Titans: Bas Dijkstra, test automation trainer and consultant

Testing Titans with Bas Dijkstra

Welcome to Testing Titans! Consider this the first in a series of many in-depth interviews with movers and shakers in the software testing and quality assurance industry. The goal behind these interviews and, the series as a whole, is to lift the veil on the software testing world and shine a light on the concepts, […]

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Test automation: Benefits and Drawbacks

Test Automation: Benefits and Drawbacks

Like many processes, test automation is a coin with two sides to it. When done correctly, test automation can significantly increase your development team’s performance and test coverage. On the other hand, test automation can also be difficult to implement, maintain, and stay on budget. This is especially the case with an inexperienced team and […]

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Mobile Automation Testing Tools: Test Automation For Rapid App Development

Mobile Automation Testing Tool

As with most development, mobile application development uses an agile way of working. Mobile app testing manually can be repetitive and time-consuming which costs you more time and money at the same time by onboarding more people to do the manual test. In line with sprint-based development, mobile automation testing has increased in popularity among […]

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The benefits of using an external test lab

Device lab: desktop, tablet, mobile

In a world of cloud-based tooling, sometimes what you really need is to see how your app might work on a real device. I have visited this topic in a previous post, when I discussed the factors you should take into account when conducting cross-browser testing. I’d like to zoom in closer on the last […]

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Thoughts on testing VR

Sergiu, one of our VR testers, at work in our test lab

Virtual Reality is a new technology that is slowly changing the way we use, interact with and perceive digital. Virtual spaces and experiences are bringing the dreams of Star Trek’s holodeck closer to reality. All VR systems share the same characteristic of allowing the user to see life-size 3D computer-generated images. As such, testing a […]

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‘Our biggest competitor is the option to not test at all’

test automation graphic

This week, our Business Development Manager talks about the benefits of spriteCloud’s approach to software testing. 14 months ago, I joined spriteCloud as a ‘rookie’ in the software testing world. After being rapidly pumped full of information and presentations, the first customer visits presented themselves. After my first meetings with the responsible managers, it was […]

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What is the benefit of Scrum Master certification to a Software Tester?

Recently, I passed the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification on Scrum.org. Reading the Scrum guide made me wonder: What is the benefit of doing the PSM I certification to a tester? Testers do not have a specified role in a Scrum team, they are just one of the guys/girls developing. But most functional […]

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The Rising Recognition of Software QA

Tech blogger Kris Köhntopp was interviewed by the German language PHP magazin on his Google+ post on the Heartbleed bug. I’m not going to comment on the interview much, except to mention it’s title: Qualitätssicherung bei Software ist alles andere als ein gelöstes Problem Or, in English: Quality Assurance in software is anything but a […]

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Welcome to the Real World, Microsoft

Alright, that’s a provocative title right there, I admit it. I couldn’t resist. A short while ago, I was perusing the July 2011 issue of the Communications of the ACM, when I came across an interview article with some of the people behind a massive retro-documentation project at Microsoft. Microsoft had to document much of […]

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Software Lifecycle Consultancy

It feels like ages that I blogged about the place of QA in software development. Granted, in internet years, it has been a while. But the topic never seems to quite go away. Since I wrote that other blog post, a lot of things have happened here at spriteCloud. In the meantime, we’ve been involved […]

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Put Software Quality Assurance in it’s Place!

Here at spriteCloud HQ, we all share the same background story. Details vary wildly, of course, but some or all of the following holds true for each one of us: We’ve all worked at companies where software quality assurance didn’t exist. We’ve worked at companies where it didn’t exist, yet some people maintained it did. […]

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What’s the real value in QA for cloud consumer services?

I got to thinking about this – again for the umpteenth time – during an informal lunch conversation with a group of developers and QA’ers discussing challenges in their jobs. This friend of mine, who is a very senior individual at his social network startup, was telling us a story about the problems that he […]

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