The impact of thermal throttling and low-quality texture on VR testing sessions

VR testing session

I have been involved with testing many VR and AR applications, and I can safely say that they all come with their own specific challenges when it comes to the implementation of software testing. To run a testing project in this field successfully and not interfere with development time, it is vital that technical issues […]

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VR through ‘Charter-based’ exploratory testing

'Awesome Exploratory Testing Cycle' by Simon Tomes

Virtual Reality applications – both those that are built for VR and those that only have VR features enabled – are a type of software that can be characterized by a high degree of interactivity, with many components and systems. From the ‘simple’ type of VR experience – such as consuming various types of media […]

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Thoughts on testing VR

Sergiu, one of our VR testers, at work in our test lab

Virtual Reality is a new technology that is slowly changing the way we use, interact with and perceive digital. Virtual spaces and experiences are bringing the dreams of Star Trek’s holodeck closer to reality. All VR systems share the same characteristic of allowing the user to see life-size 3D computer-generated images. As such, testing a […]

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My year in review

Wait … what do you mean we need to get a Christmas tree? It seems that 2016 flew by and 2017 is already knocking on the door. As 2016 draws to a close, I would like to take a look back to see what happened and what we can expect for the year ahead. As […]

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My visit to VR days Europe

At spriteCloud, we love technology. We are one of Europe’s first Virtual Reality testing companies and we are proud of it. So, when VR days Europe was held on our doorstep, we did not hesitate to dive in! We were proud sponsors of the event and our testers were active participants. I went there on […]

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VR Days Europe, 3-5 November 2016, Amsterdam

We are proud to announce that spriteCloud is sponsoring VR Days Europe, 3-5 November 2016, here in Amsterdam. Since the launch of our dedicated VR testing group, interest has grown and virtual reality is on the rise. All the more reason for us to sponsor this exciting VR event. Interested in how we approach a […]

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