Cloud organization

My third week and something upstairs is happening. It feels like something is sorting and rearranging all information. A bit like the alien in “Men in Black II” in the post office. But because it feels like I outsourced it to an alien as well, there is a strange feeling going on between starting to make some sense now, but still no idea where in my head that came from. I hope the alien doesn’t forget to leave a user manual behind!

Anyway, week three and some rhythm is kicking in, but writing a blog in this state of (dis)organization is a different story.

Usually enthusiasm, initiative and spontaneity are my most valued characteristics, but right now a reorganizing alien in my personal cloud upstairs is giving me a writer’s block. You all remember that moment where you really wished that some of your characteristics weren’t so dominant? Mine was my enthusiastic and spontaneous “YES!” Now what?

I really love the series Suits. I am a big fan of Harvey and Louis (and Donna, I love Donna), so I installed myself in weekend mode on the couch and there was my inspiration. I always record the episodes, because I hate commercials. I hit the button for record and … nothing happened, the hard drive got stuck. Not the first time, it happens regularly lately – with the provider who claims to have been chosen the best provider in the Netherlands. Now I’m starting to wonder.

The thing is, you lose customers if you don’t have your services in place. For me this is a deal breaker and this example shows how important it is to test your software. Time to transfer to another provider. Hopefully they do test their software and I can watch Harvey anytime I want.

What are your most valued characteristics as a tester?