COVID-19 Business Aid Package

COVID-19 Aid Package

Our commitment to assisting

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has disrupted nearly everything about our daily lives, especially the way we work.  Many countries have initiated lockdown policies to reduce the spread of the virus, which has forced businesses to either close or adopt remote working practices. 

In order to do our part in supporting our clients, and the economy at large, we are reducing the costs of some of our services and products. This is being done in order to help organisations continue to offer their own essential services in this unprecedented time.

While our organisation can’t reduce the burden on webshops, parents working at home with kids, or unemployment, we can help the organisations that maintain teleconferencing apps, webshops, and e-learning platforms that do lessen the burden, by supporting them. 

We can get through this by working together!


Performance and Load Test
Rate Reduced By 50%

Performance, load, and stress testing are particularly important during this crisis as businesses and individuals are finding digital alternatives for collaboration to compensate for social distancing measures. These alternatives are suddenly finding themselves with many times more users than normal, stretching their ability to cope with demand.

Teleconferencing apps, media streaming service providers, eCommerce and eLearning platforms, amongst many others, are all seeing massively increased loads on their applications. 

Its important not only for economic reasons to keep this services working properly but also to help deal with the social isolation we are all feeling in our physical isolation.

Performance and load testing is a series of remotely conducted tests that virtually simulates user loads to find the breaking point of systems and applications so that performance issues can be mitigated and service can continue. 

For applications with highly integrated components, like eCommerce platforms, the possibilities for failures under higher user loads is increased due to the more complication interactions taking place on the site. 

Learn more about our performance and load testing services and get in touch with one of our business development managers via

Free Premium Calliope Pro 
Account For 6 Months

As the world turns to digital solutions for working remotely, software development teams are also finding new tools and solutions to help them. Quality assurance and software testing is a critical part of software development, especially now in these sensitive times, as bugs could knock out essential services for users. 

Calliope Pro is our test results reporting and monitoring dashboard that allows remotely working software development teams to spot and fix software bugs fast. Our tools enables all software development staff to automatically upload their software test results to a central dashboard so that developers, product owners and business managers can quickly understand the stability of the code and where regressions were introduced. Calliope Pro is particularly useful to test automation engineers to communicate their work to the rest of the team.

We have made the Plus plan of Calliope Pro free to new subscribers for six months so that development teams have a better tool available to help keep their services running for clients. 

Working remotely can make collaboration more difficult, but Calliope Pro adds transparency to the development process.

To get a free Plus account for Calliope Pro, first sign up for a free Starter account. Send your account email address and the name of your company you have created in Calliope Pro* to to request the upgrade.

* Note that all users can create a free account for Calliope. The different accounts levels Pro, Plus, Enterprise relate to the activities that a company is allowed to do. To get the Plus upgrade during this time, you must first create a Starter account, and then create a company. Send your account’s email address and the name of company you made to to have it upgraded and get the same limits as the Plus account, as seen at

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