Dispelling the Illusion of Security

We are exposed to the digital world every single day, but many of us don’t know the inner workings of it, making it feel like a wild jungle. In this jungle lies hidden treasures in the form of business opportunity, but there are also many dangers such as cybercriminals that could do harm to your business and your customers.

This jungle, however, can be tamed. It can be done by developing a strategy of cyber resiliency.

Welcome to the jungle. spriteCloud will be your guide.

Dispelling the Illusion of Security

In this document, we explain some of the benefits and dangers of operating digitally and introduce the idea of cyber resiliency. We further explain some core principles of a cyber resiliency strategy as well as get you started with some food for thought on how your business can begin addressing your resiliency to the dangers that exist in the wilds of the internet.

This document also describes spriteCloud’s four directives for helping your organisation create a strategy:

  • Appraisal of assets and risk appetite
  • Testing for vulnerabilities 
  • Recovery strategy
  • Incident response

Read the document to get an introduction of cyber resiliency and how it can help your business develop a holistic approach to cybersecurity rather than relying on an outdated defensive perimeter.

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