A few months ago we announced that Justin Leavenworth would be heading up the cybersecurity arm of spriteCloud. After some time to settle in, Justin is now actively working with clients to provide vulnerability scanning and penetration testing solutions to their organisation.

Justin is also working with organisations that traditionally weren’t so concerned with cybersecurity as they perceived themselves to not being potential targets of cyberattacks. As the world becomes more digital, these organisations are coming under greater threat of cybercrime every day. Justin and spriteCloud’s cybersecurity group is working with these business leaders to help them understand how their business is in danger of cyberattacks and to help them dispel the illusion of security.

Actually, this is the title of an article our cybersecurity team recently wrote to explain the issue these organisations face and introduce the concept of cyber resiliency. Feel free to download the article.

Dispelling the Illusion of Security

Dispelling the
Illusion of Security

Learn of the benefits and dangers of operating digitally and discover the concept of cyber resiliency.

We thought this introduction would be an excellent opportunity to explain Justin’s background and explain his style of work.

Justin Leavenworth is an expert in digital resilience, with a particular focus in dynamic customer experience design and supply chain transparency. He works in chaotic, fast-changing sectors where he creates the conditions for a shared sense of security, building antifragility within organisations and across ecosystems. For this, Justin focuses on language as the foundation of trust, and as a critical tool for cognitive and emotional alignment between team members, business partners and customers.

In 1996, Justin started working as head of an independent management consulting organisation with governments and Fortune 500 companies to develop culturally appropriate messaging and branding, and navigate digital transformation. After 9/11, he was invited by The Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Center for Terror, Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security to collaborate on a national review of intelligence information processing models to improve security protocols and terrorism threat detection.

In 2005, Justin directed his attention towards global food systems resilience and transparency as a foundation of social well-being. As the founder of the first large-scale importer of Chilean grass-fed beef into the US, he developed and implemented new protocols to ensure compliance with the highest food safety standards, in consultation with producers, handlers, wholesalers and regulators internationally. In parallel, he led initiatives to develop local grass-fed beef markets in the US as a way to increase sustainability and resilience to disruption, with a particular focus on certification to secure customer trust.

In 2016, his pioneering work in traceability led Justin to work for UTZ in Amsterdam. His primary focus was on the design and implementation of new digital models to enhance the transparency of global fair trade labelling – including unique digital IDs for ethical traders. He also applied his skills as a natural mediator to lead his team through a large-scale digital transition following a merger with Rainforest Alliance.

These experiences naturally brought Justin to cybersecurity. Justin sees cybersecurity as a critical endeavour to ensure the safety of the digital infrastructure that supports the global system of trade. In 2020, he joined spriteCloud as managing director of the cybersecurity group, with a vision to dispel illusions of security and use cyber risk management as a vehicle for building digital resilience in businesses facing an ever chaotic and uncertain landscape.

We hope that this introduction gives you a good impression of the direction we are moving in as an organisation and the people that are leading that move. If you feel that spriteCloud could help you develop a cyber resiliency strategy or perform scans and penetration tests, click the button below to contact us about your needs.

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