Delivery Methods

Our software and security testing services can be provided via two methods that can be mixed and matched to create an overall testing solution that fits your needs perfectly. Start-and-stop engagements with up-front costs needed, choose project based testing. Need help setting up some QA process or out-sourcing some testing, try contract based test engagements with our expert technical testers. 

Project-based services are typically short-term, have a high degree of flexibility in scheduling and capacity, as well as include definite start and end dates. With this delivery method type, we bring everything we need to do the job with us. 

Contract-based services are for a minimum duration of 1-month and typically continue via contract extensions for a long duration of time. Work is usually done at the Client’s location, using the Client’s infrastructure and equipment.

Contact Us

Contact us to receive more information or to request a quote for work using one of our delivery methods. Contact us via the contact form below or call Baruch Annink at +31 (0) 646 955 406.