Delivery Methods

Our cyber security and software testing services can be provided via four methods that can be mixed and matched to create an overall testing solution that fits your needs perfectly. Start-and-stop engagements with up-front costs needed, choose Ad Hoc Testing. Need help setting up some QA process or outsourcing some testing, try Contracting for test engagements with our expert technical testers. Our testers are also highly-experienced remote workers, which means they can also support your remote development teams.

Our software testers are also very experienced at testing client applications remotely. The COVID-19 virus has forced a lot of organisation to work remotely but fortunately, our testers already have the skills to help remote teams. spriteCloud has been providing testing both remotely and on-site for over ten years. Whether you want contract, ad hoc, or subscription-based testing, all can be offered remotely as well.

Ad Hoc Testing is typically short-term, has a high degree of flexibility in scheduling and capacity, as well as include definite start and end dates. With this delivery method type, we bring everything we need to do the job with us. 

Contracting is a method engagement where a tester is contracted to join your organisation to deliver the required testing on a (near-) full-time basis. Work is usually done at the Client’s location, using the Client’s infrastructure and equipment.

Our Software Testing Subscription is a monthly recurring package (a Test Stack) made up of a custom mixture of our software testing services. Here you can decide the exact testing services you want, how much testing you need, and how long you want the subscription. Our Software Testing Subscription allows you to create the best quality products for the best customer experience because it facilitates consistent and high-quality testing.

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