Ad Hoc Testing

We understand that some organisations can’t commit to a consistent testing schedule like to our Software Testing Subscriptions offer. This could be due to budgetary constraints or organisations with difficult to predict testing needs, such as digital agencies, creative technology companies, and advertising companies.

Our solution, an Ad Hoc Testing service, allows your organisation to undertake software testing without knowing exactly how much testing is required. Your organisation can buy a minimum of 12 days of work, which must be used within the course of 6 months. You have a standard rate for testing and the flexibility to start software testing only when the need arises.

Review our software testing services below and get in touch with us to discuss Ad Hoc Testing for your organisation.

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How It Works

Our Ad Hoc Testing is pretty straight-forward, you get a set number of workdays that must be spent in 6 months. Your organisation buys 12 days of work, which must be used within the course of 6 months. You have a standard rate for testing and the flexibility to get started with software testing as soon as the need arises.

Billing is easy. On a monthly basis you either; pay for 2-days, and if you don’t use them, they go into your “bank” to be used at a later time; or pay for days you work minus any bank days used; until you have paid for your Ad Hoc compliment of 12 days. You can simply .use testing days on-demand when needed. When you need more days than you have left, you purchase another Ad Hoc service. That’s it.

We no longer offer single days of software testing as a one-off service because this does not fit with our paradigm of software quality assurance. A single day of testing a month is not enough to provide quality testing, and we do not advocate such inconsistent testing to your organisation.

Example Use Case

  • Skippy-IT buys an Ad Hoc package that starts on March 1.
  • They do no testing in February so they pay for 2-days and bank both of them.
  • They do 1-day testing in March, so they pay for 2-days and bank 1-day.
  • There are 3-days in the bank now.
  • They do 8-days testing in April. The 3-days in the bank are used. They pay for 5-days.
  • They do 6-days testing in May. There are 4 days left on the current Ad Hoc contract, which means they are short 2-days, so they buy another Ad Hoc package that takes over from the old contract. They pay for 6-days.
  • They do no testing in June, so they pay for 2-days and bank both days.
  • They do no testing in July, so they pay for 2-days and bank both days.
  • They do 6-days testing in August. The 4-days in the bank are used. They pay for 2-days.
  • There are 8 days available still on the second Ad Hoc package.

Need more frequent testing?

Our Ad Hoc Testing was made specifically for those organisations that aren’t sure or know that committing to a regular amount of testing is too much for them. If you think that you would like more testing than just 12 days in 6 months, you should learn about our Testing Subscription.

This subscription gives you discounts on the increased amount of testing you request, allowing you to configure a custom testing package more affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions

As experts in software testing and quality assurance, we understand how proper testing relates to better products and user experiences. We advocate consistent quality assurance practices because it is better for your customers and therefore, your organisation. For this reason, why we require minimum commitments for our software testing subscriptions. We wish to encourage your organisation to adopt a mindset of quality assurance that is in line with the best practices of Agile and DevOps.

We don’t want you to fall victim to allowing development budgets to be the main dictator the quality of your products. A reliable product with fewer features will be better for your business, than a product with many features that is buggy.

The workdays that you don’t use within the six months will be lost. We will give you notices of unused workdays as you near the end of your 6-month period to mitigate this from happening. 

You may purchase multiple Ad Hoc Testing packages, but if you feel that you need testing more often, it is advisable to take a Software Testing Subscription package. If you aren’t sure if this is right for your organisation, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with one of our team. They can help you figure out the best way to go about testing.

Fill out a contact form on this page or the contact page.

In simple terms, you pay for the testing that you use that month. If no testing is undertaken, you will pay for two workdays of testing per month to pay off the Ad Hoc package’s 12 days of testing.

Read our use case that examples the billing in more detail.

Yes, you can. Our penetration testing services are available as Ad Hoc tests as well as a part of the Testing Subscription. 

Feel free to learn more about our cybersecurity testing services on our dedicated page. 

If you use all 12 workdays in one month, you will be billed for all of those days that month. 

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