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Contracting our software testers provides many benefits over traditional hiring practices. Our contracted software testers and test automation engineers are essentially the same as regular staff, but you trade higher hourly rates for the ability the hire from a pool of highly experienced software testers to suit your requirements. This is particularly helpful in situations where the software testing requirements are likely to change as the project evolves.

Also, for most projects, our test engineers are able to start working within a weekThis is useful in scenarios where you need expensive software testers or test automation engineers temporarily, situations like: 

  • holiday or maternity cover
  • rapidly expanding project teams
  • projects with specialist skills not available in-house
  • expanding an already largely outsourced team

Our Software Testers

Our software testers and test automation engineers range in experience from junior to senior and specialise in languages like Java, Javascript, Python, and Ruby (amongst others). Our team of testers are commercially experienced, and we specifically hire software testers that are great at quickly integrating into your agile development team to work hands-on with them. Our testers are also equally effective when working on location or working remotely.

Our testers are experts in:


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Why Contract a Software Tester

You might wonder why an organisation would contract a test engineer rather than hire a full-time employee. There are several main reasons for this.

  1. Contractors provide temporary support in the ramping up and down of projects, helping to mitigate project risk.
  2. Contractors are commercially experienced experts bringing in knowledge to jump-start projects, shortening timelines.
  3. Contractors are cost-effective due to their ability for working flexible contracts (e.g. only 24 hours per week).
  4. Contractors are highly specialised experts in niche industries where full-time employees would be very costly and rarely fully utilised.
  5. Contractors have temporary contracts allowing for less risk and cost than hiring a full-time employee.

We have a large pool of software testers and test automation engineers of various technical expertise, in a considerably scarce market. A scarce market makes finding a technical tester or quality assurance engineer fairly difficult, especially for short-term projects. Fortunately, we have many to choose from.

spriteCloud is known in the industry for providing quality software testing services and our team of technical testers have worked with dozens of blue-chip organisations. We’ve got the technical knowledge and the commercial expertise to deliver testing at the level you require.

Due to scarcity in the market, good software testers aren’t cheap. You also aren’t likely to require a full staff of testers all the time. With spriteCloud, you only need to pay for software testers when you need software testing. No need to worry about whether an expensive resource is lying idle or not.

We select our testers based on how well they are able to work as a part of a team. Our software testers work with the scrum team to not only find issues but to help with fixing them. spriteCloud testers are also quick at getting up to speed with the project, keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

Hiring is always a difficult process that can take a long time, cost a lot of money, and still leave your organisation wanting. By placing a spriteCloud tester in your organisation we save you time, recruitment costs, and give you the flexibility to find the perfect fit.

You aren’t only hiring tester at spriteCloud, you are hiring one of a community of software testers. Finding the perfect fit for your team can be difficult but our contract-based software testing services mean you have access to a variety of testers to ensure you get the best tester for your project. Hire the best software tester without the risk associated with hiring someone fulltime or hiring an unknown freelancer.

Hiring a tester only for when you need testing is just more efficient. Software testers are highly specialised and fairly scarce, meaning that a full-time software tester will end up costing a lot, especially when they aren’t needed full-time. Fortunately, our contract-based software testing services enables you to test only what you need, when you need it, and exactly how you want it, saving you big time.

Developers don’t make for good testers because they are concerned with solving problems, not creating them. Keeping your development focused on building instead of destroying means you can get your product to market quicker. It will always be more efficient and less costly to hire an expert short-term than to train a developer to do the job of a software tester or test automation engineer.

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