Many software projects are very high-speed and only require support services for no more than a week or two. This is particularly true of consumer website projects in the retail, brands, and eComm business area. Cross-browser testing, cross-device testing, performance and load testing, and security testing are all stacked to the last development sprints before pushing software to the production environment. For this reason, we consider project-based testing to be a targeted service that comes in, does a defined job within a specific number of days, and then ends.

Most of our testing services can be provided on a project basis. As project-work is work that is constrained by [a] time, [b] money, or [c] scope, we can cap work on a, b, or c, or combinations of these constraints. However you choose to constrain your project-based work, we endeavour to provide you with a fixed price, so you know what your invoiced costs will be.

Project-based work is spriteCloud’s strength. We have pioneered a service delivery methodology that is highly flexible and capable of producing results from day one.

We can execute project-based software testing both locally within Benelux and remotely from our own Kyiv (Kiev) technical service group. Both have their distinct benefits which you can read about below. Get in touch with us via the contact form below and we can help you piece together a complete software testing solution using project and contract delivery methods, executed locally and remotely. 


Local projects are resourced from our Amsterdam office, by either a Test Manager, Test Engineer, or both. This means that our testers will join your team for the period of engagement.

The benefit is they are flexible in where they work. You have an option to have them work at your office, our office, or a schedule that uses both offices. You pay a premium for the benefit of having one of our team sit at your desk next to your Dev lead for a super-fast ramp-up.


Remote resources work in our office location in the heart of Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine. They are technical testing specialists with all the hardware equipment and software infrastructure to undertake many types of work activities. However, due to their location, they must work from their office location. 

We offer this at very cost-effective rates, compared to local resources. Many of our Clients blend a local Test Manager with a remote Software Tester resource to combine the best of both delivery approaches.

Examples of Project Work

Benefits of Projects

We’ve all got budgets to adhere to and knowing the cost of a service up front goes a long way. It helps you make sure you stay under budget and it helps you when planning future budgets.

One of the major advantages of projects are that they are flexible enough to be started and stopped with short notice. These short engagements allow an organisation to trial certain services and assess their value with little risk. 

Just like costs are up front, so are the conditions of the project. While this might limit the ability of the tester to get to the heart of some issue, it does offer your organisation a lot of flexibility

If you know exactly what your needs are, projects can be a great way for you to request exactly what you need. 

Our spriteCloud Testers

Our software test engineers range in experience from junior to senior and specialise in languages like Java, Javascript, Python, and Ruby. Our team of testers are commercially experienced and we specifically hire software testers that are great at quickly integrating into your agile development team to working holistically and hands-on with them. Our testers are experts in: 

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