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The outbreak of the COVID-19, or coronavirus, has forced many countries into varying states of lockdown, causing many businesses to adapt their operating practices in new ways. Working from home and working remotely is new for a lot of employees and companies – for spriteCloud, it is ingrained in our DNA. For more than ten years, spriteCloud has offered its quality assurance and software testing services in a remote testing capacity. Therefore, remotely testing and using remote software testers is nothing new, but it has become more popular given current shifts in operating practices.

Technology companies and software development teams have been able to quickly adapt to working from home because much of their processes are digital. Due to our software testers and test automation engineers often working in temporary project or placement situations, they are already adept following remote testing processes. These remote testing processes involve reporting progress and results more often to project team members and managers, for example. These are actions that make our remote software testers and their efforts more visible to dispersed remote teams.

Several skills make our remote software testers great in person as well as when executing remote testing. These are:

  • Start delivering results quickly
  • Minimally disrupt the current team
  • Proactively work and communicate with team
  • Delivery quality software testing services
  • Provide regular reports to managers

Expertly managed, remotely executed.

Remote testing is done in very much that same way as if our software testers were sitting right next to you. In both case, our testers will work with your development team to plan, execute, report on tests using the tools your organisation is using. If you don’t currently use a particular set of tools, perhaps because we are helping your set up test automation suites, then our remoter software testers will suggest a set of open-source tools for your needs.

Whether software testing is done in person or remotely, our testers are experts in providing the following services with a high level of quality for clients:

Amsterdam and the Cloud

Our remote testing services can be executed by our remote testing teams in our Amsterdam headquarters and in offices elsewhere in Europe. Each testing team offers remote testing at different rates allowing you to request remote testing services to meet any of your software testing requirements. 

Results are delivered via the cloud using our test results dashboard, Calliope Pro. Calliope bridges the gap between testersdevelopersDevOpsquality assurance managers, and product owners by allowing each stakeholder to share, compare, and monitor test results in one central location. Calliope Pro is our proprietary test results dashboard software. Calliope was designed to provide all team members with a centralised database of test results so that all team members can constantly stay up to date on the latest test results and see instantly when and where regressions were introduced. Where software testing within remote teams is concerned, Calliope Pro provides teams with transparent and efficient test results insights that to bridge the gap that social distancing has created in our workflows.

Your development team can stay on the same page by:

  • Reporting all test results in a centralised point for all to see.
  • Sharing error reports and screenshots amongst team members for quick action.
  • Visualizing test results over time for quick code health assessments.
  • Increasing collaboration with all stakeholders aware of the health of the project.
Overview of projects dashboard

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Remote testing is a high quality alternative to executing quality assurance and software testing in person. Our team of testers is ready to start improving your test results. Get in touch with us via the contact form below and we can help you set up remote testing today.

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