Software Testing Subscription

One monthly subscription for all of your software testing needs and its support testing types

With our Software Testing Subscription, you get quality software testing, flexibility, and affordability offered in a package specially developed for your project’s unique testing requirements. For one monthly rate, you can create a custom software testing package, called a Test Stack, to keep your projects on target, on budget, and on schedule.

A Test Stack is a combination of our functional/manual testing, test automation, performance & load testing, and cybersecurity testing services combined specifically to fit your exact software testing needs.

Your subscription also gives you access to, our DevOps tool for test management and test results monitoring. The results from our tests are reported to your team using Calliope. Calliope provides all stakeholders with a browser-based central database of test results that are transparent and easy to view.

Curious about how our Software Testing Subscription relates to your role specifically?

How It Works

Five Steps to Starting Your Software Testing Subscription

1. Submit Contact Form

The first step in beginning a Software Testing Subscription is letting us know you are interested.  

Fill out our contact form, and we will reach out to you to kickstart a discussion. Let us know what you are looking for, along with providing your contact details.

2. Discuss Requirements

Our first conversation will be about your project and where your testing pain-points are. We’d like to hear what you want to achieve and what your future goals are. 

These steps are essential in creating a Test Stack that solves your software testing requirements well.

3. Assemble Test Stack

Once we understand your requirements, we can build your Test Stack together. We will decide on 1) the testing services, 2) the number of workdays, and 3) the length of the subscription duration.

The longer the duration, the greater the discounts on our retail rates that you get.

4. Get Approval

Purchase decisions are usually made by several people including your Finance Manager. Present the to them and get a signoff.

If you need changes, bring them back to us and we’ll see what we can do. Once we get a minimum paperwork set processed, we’re off and running.

5. Begin Testing

This is the part we look forward to the most; getting to the work.

A Test Manager on our side will be your point of contact and will organise all work activities in your Test Stack. They will ensure you get the most out of your subscription and will regularly review our service delivery standards with your team.

Creating a Custom Monthly Test Stack

Your mix of our software testing services

Create a custom mix of software testing services below to build an excellent testing solution for your organisation and projects.

How many days per service, per month

With your software testing services mix identified, you can decide how many days of work you require for each testing service, per month. 

The length of subscription

It takes a minimum of 3 months to get everything up and running. After the first subscription, your minimum commitment is 1-month at a time (without discounted rates.)

  • 3 months (minimum)
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

Why It Works

Created for Flexibility

Your project’s testing requirements are bound to change over time, which is why our subscription services were designed with flexibility in mind. You can tightly focus on testing activities which are needed at different times during your sprint planning using custom schedules. 

After the first subscription period of 3 months, we can re-evaluate your Test Stack mix to ensure we have it right-for-you. We have a large pool of commercially experienced test engineers to choose from so we can review and reallocate staff as needed. Our goal is to provide you with one solution at an upfront monthly rate to help ensure that you are getting the most out of our software testing services.

Experts In Software Testing

We’re experts in software testing who have worked with clients ranging from local digital agencies to world-wide enterprises, in industries ranging from eCommerce to Augmented Reality.  That experience translates to your project receiving high-quality testing from our knowledgeable testers. 

No more getting Mathijs from reception to test your check-out flow or asking your already busy developers to try to set up, and keep current, a UI test automation suite. When testing experts like us are involved, testing takes less time and is of much higher quality. 

Affordability Built-In

Development and quality assurance are often riding the knife-edge of meeting or exceeding their budgets which is why cost-effective testing is so important. 

spriteCloud already has a reputation as a high-quality and affordable software testing provider, but our Software Testing Subscription can make testing even more compelling and cost-effective.

Discounts are applied to your monthly subscription fee with every increase in the number of testing services; the number of workdays; and the length of the subscription. The more testing you request, the greater the number of discounts you qualify for on the monthly invoice value.

Full-Service Tester Provider

spriteCloud is capable of being your full-service test solutions provider for most, if not all, of your software testing needs. Our team of test engineers are experienced in many different industries and frameworks, making them perfect for your oganisation.

This means no longer wasting your precious time researching companies, negotiating scopes and budgets, and planning the ramp-up of multiple different testing resources.

spriteCloud brings all the experience, skills and solutions with us, as one organisation, to service your software projects. We will ensure that work activities and budgets are used in the most efficient way possible. Our goal from day one is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

Interested in our Software Testing Subscription?​

Let us know and we will get in touch with you.

Not Into Subscriptions?

That’s alright! If you don’t think you can commit to a recurring schedule of testing, then you could also request Ad Hoc Testing from spriteCloud. Our testing services and the quality of testing we provide are the same, but there won’t be any discounts offered, like with our Test Stack Subscriptions. You also risk insufficient test coverage when you don’t have enough test resources. 

Check out our testing services and request a callback or contact via email to discuss how we can help you with software testing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As experts in software testing and quality assurance, we understand how software testing relates to better products and user experiences. We advocate consistent quality assurance practices because it is better for your customers and therefore, your organisation. For this reason, why we require minimum commitments for our software testing subscriptions. We wish to encourage your organisation to adopt a mindset of quality assurance that is in line with the best practices of Agile and DevOps.

We don’t want you to fall victim to allowing development budgets to be the primary dictator of the quality of your products. A reliable product with fewer features will be better for your business, than a product with many features that is buggy.

At any point in time, you can change the allocation of the testing services you need. Just send your change request to, and we will process and reschedule. If the new allocation costs are lower than before, the new costs will take effect from the next subscription cycle onwards. If the new allocation costs are higher, you will be charged for the new allocation costs during the next monthly billing cycle.

That is correct. Cybersecurity testing is also offered in our Software Testing Subscription. If you would like to learn more about our cybersecurity testing services or request a call about cybersecurity, visit our cybersecurity page.

This depends on your subscription cycle. This cycle can be 3, 6, or 12 months in length. All the unallocated hours can be used within the subscription cycle, after which they expire.

You can change your subscription cycle length at any time after which your new subscription price will be charged during the next monthly billing cycle.

Invoices are issued at the beginning of the month of that subscription with a 30 days payment term.

Yes, that is the power of the flexibility and domain of expertise of spriteCloud. We will allocate the right resource depending on the testing service you desire. During your first conversation with one of our Business Development Managers, it is important to discuss how you believe your requirements might change in the future. Doing this will allow us to plan our tester schedules more effectively and ensure the tester is available when you need them.

You may not cancel a subscription that is only three months long. You can cancel your subscription, but you will need to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the subscription duration selected. If you sign up for a 6-month subscription and later choose to cancel, you will then need to pay half of the remaining time in your duration.

Of course! We can do this over a meeting with a Business Development Manager, but we also have a dedicated service to do just that. A Senior Technical Consultant can work with you for a day and will produce reports detailing what your test requirements are. This can help both spriteCloud and your organisation understand exactly what testing and the amount of it that is needed.

Please fill out a contact form to have one of our Business Development Managers get in touch with you.

We apply discounts to our rates in a cumulative manner which means that with the more testing services you choose, the greater number of workdays you request, and the longer your subscription contract is, the more discounts you receive. 

For example:

A Test Stack made of 8 days of Functional Testing and 6 days of Test Automation, for a period of 6 months, will give a cumulative discount on the entire monthly rate of 9%. Here you get.. a discount based on the number of workdays for both testing services, a discount because two testing services are being used, and a discount due to the length of the subscription (4% + 2% + 2% + 1%).

A Test Stack of only 4 days of Functional Testing and 4 days of Test Automation, for the minimum period of 3 months, will only create a discount of 2%. In this subscription, only the minimum amounts of workdays and subscription duration have been chosen, giving no discount on those. There is a discount given on the two testing services being chosen (0% + 0% + 2% + 0%).

There is no limit to the number of workdays that you can request. However, if it translates to a capacity of a fulltime person per testing service, we will provide you with a dedicated resource. A dedicated resource is one of our test engineers contracted to work in your office for (near-)fulltime.

That depends on the project. Some projects require more regression testing services, while others require more test automation. Please talk to our Business Development Managers to discuss the best package for you. You can reach out to them via submitting a contact form on this page, on our Contact page, or at

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