Europe’s first VR testers to exhibit at Europe’s biggest VR event

Sergiu, one of our VR testers, at work in our test lab

VR Days Europe, Europe’s biggest virtual reality event, takes place in Amsterdam at the end of October, and we are going to be there, just like last year when we were a Silver Sponsor! On October 26th and 27th, some of the greatest VR creators will be exhibiting their content at the Kromhouthal, and spriteCloud will be among them.

We are the first European company in the domain of software testing VR experiences, so we invite visitors to experience the journey of the VR tester and find out how we developed our specialist VR testing methodology.

Us at VR Days 2016

VR Days 2016

As companies focus on professionalising the software development life cycle in the field of VR, there comes a growing need for professional VR testing services to make sure it goes mainstream. We can’t wait to show developers and content producers the value of a dedicated QA partner.

We know that testing is often the first thing to be cut when working to tight budgets. We want to make VR testing as accessible to as many budgets as possible.

Sergiu, one of our VR testers, at work in our test lab

One of our VR testers, Sergiu, at work in the test lab.

So if you’re releasing your VR app soon, need testing done quickly, and don’t have a dedicated testing team, why not come and talk to us about a discount we are currently offering to VR Days Exhibition visitors?

Those Exhibition attendees who decide to purchase our standard VR testing package will receive one complimentary, extra testing day added to the duration of their session with us.*

For this discount to apply, come and find out about us and our VR testing solution at our booth, and we will schedule a time and date after the conference to talk further about your testing needs.

See you at the Kromhouthal – drop by our booth and introduce yourself! We look forward to seeing you there.

*Terms and conditions apply.
A testing project must be a first-time engagement with us, at least three days in duration, one of which is discounted, and must be completed by the last working day of January 2018.
Our standard model is a 2-man team, which means you will actually receive 2 man days worth of testing during a 3 day testing project. (6 man days worked in total, with 4 man days billed at very attractive rates.)

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