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External staff who represent spriteCloud at a Client site are required to communicate their hours worked in order to get paid. Previous to 2019 the process involved completing multiple timesheet systems and having to send us a signed timesheet. This has proven to be time-consuming for external staff and prone to error. As of 7th of January 2019, we will implement a new timesheet policy for external staff that simplifies the full process and eliminates the repetitive work and points of failure. This document is the explanation of this policy.

External’s Process for Timesheets and Billing

  • External clients are only required to send spriteCloud a timesheet that has been signed by their line manager. There are no requirements to fill in any timesheets for us. Please be aware your Client may well require you to fill in a timesheet, which you will need to comply with.
  • Your signed timesheet can be any format but must adhere to the following standards:
    • One signed timesheet should cover a period of one calendar month.
    • The signed timesheet should detail each day worked, with the date specified.
    • For each day worked, a number of billable hours should be present.
    • The timesheet should clearly show the External staff member’s name, the spriteCloud Client, the work period, the billable hour total and the Line Managers signature.
  • The signed timesheet is sent via email to spriteCloud with the External staff member’s invoice. All details must be the same between the timesheet and invoice.
  • The email subject line will contain:
    • “Work invoice for CLIENT NAME, PROJECT NAME, TIMEFRAME”.
  • Attachments in the email should be PDFs. No other format will be accepted.
  • Email should be received within the first 3 working days of the new period.

spriteCloud Process for Billing

  • Within 24 hours of receiving the invoice email from an External, spriteCloud will issue an acknowledgement that it has been received. This email will CC the Business Development Manager who works with the External, so they can check the invoice details.
  • Any concerns spriteCloud have with the invoice will be raised within 5 working days via email.
  • Payment will be made to the external at the end of the agreed payment term.

External Responsibility and Liability

  • External staff will be responsible for obtaining their signed timesheet from their line manager on time. spriteCloud will not chase the Client for this.
  • In the event a signed timesheet is not received, spriteCloud will not pay any invoice issued by the External.
  • If a signed timesheet is provided later than the first week of the new period this may delay an External’s invoice being paid, at the discretion of spriteCloud.
Last Edited on 8th January 2019
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