FOSDEM 2012 Contest

Some of us will be at this year’s FOSDEM conference, and we figured that’d be a great moment to run a witch hunt^W^Wcontest.

The rules are simple:

  1. Spot any of us at FOSDEM, and take a picture as proof. For the purposes of this competition, the whole of Brussels counts as “at FOSDEM”, at least from 02/02/2012 to 05/02/2012 (CET timezone).
  2. Send the image to No entries arriving past the 29th of February 2012 will be accepted (CET timezone). Please include your name, email address, and whether or not you want either of them published. We reserve the right to publish your image submission anonymously, though.
  3. We’ll judge which pictures are best. Bonus points if you include yourself, make it funny, or manage to connect it to a particular FOSS project, etc. Offensive submissions will be disqualified. We’re impervious to bribery, but we may take whatever freebies you offer anyway.
  4. The three best entries get a guest blog post here, on any subject related to FOSS and/or testing or writing software. It goes without saying, really, but offensive content will be rejected even if it’s relevant.
  5. The best entry also gets a free T-shirt.

We’d love to give away more swag, but we’re unprepared – this whole thing has been somewhat spontaneous. If it’s a success, we’ll do it again next year, but bigger. So be sure to participate!

P.S.: Here’s the boring legalese:

  1. The contest is open to anyone except employees and the families of employees of spriteCloud B.V. By entering this contest, contestants agree that spriteCloud B.V. may use all images created for the contest for promotional purposes.
  2. All entries and all rights relating there become property of spriteCloud B.V.
  3. By entering, all entrants agree to release spriteCloud B.V. and their employees from all liability and claims relating to participation in the contest. No substitutions or transfer of prizes or cash redemptions permitted by winners.
  4. spriteCloud B.V. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, suspend or alter the rules & parameters of the contest. spriteCloud B.V. also reserves the right to substitute a prize or prizes as it deems suitable in the event that the prize is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.
  5. Winners under the age of 18 (as of win announcement) must have their parents’ and/or legal guardians’ consent to accept prizes. Winners, by acceptance of prizes, agree to release spriteCloud B.V. from any and all liability claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for damages.
  6. Offer void where prohibited, regulated or restricted by law in a manner inconsistent with the purposes and rules hereof.

Written by: Mark Barzilay

Graduated with honors from TU Delft in 2007 studying Electrical Engineering and Media & Knowledge Engineering. Founded spriteCloud in 2009 and worked on test automation ever since, helping out small and large companies with their test automation strategy and infrastructure. Mark is also leading the development on, an online platform for all your automated test results.

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