Getting to know us: Neethu Kiran, our new Frontend Developer

One of our newest additions to the team is the wonderful, and as you will notice later, the fairly quiet Neethu. Coming from the exotic sub-continent of India, she joins us as a frontend developer working on our SaaS solution for test results visualisation,

Hello Neethu Kiran, welcome to spriteCloud! Glad to have you join the family. Tell us about yourself.

What will you be doing at spriteCloud?
I will be working as a frontend developer, to improve the user experience of our product ‘’.

What do you hope to achieve at spriteCloud?
Contribute to the development of products developed by sprite cloud along with gaining more experience in JS frameworks.

What is your favourite thing about frontend development?
As a frontend developer, I love to deliver the best user experience possible to sC’s clients that use our products/web platform

Tell us something that you wish more people knew about you.
I am a chocolate addict!

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Written by: Travis Hatridge

Travis is the Marketing Manager at spriteCloud. He has an MSc in Marketing and a background in content marketing. He enjoys cooking, travelling, and long walks through the forest.

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