For nearly a year spriteCloud tester helped GrandVision with the implementation of new e-commerce platform MVP.

Project details

Client: GrandVision Benelux
Website reach: Regional
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Date project: February 2019 – December 2019
Services: Test and project management during the implementation o new e-commerce platform
Test Skills: System Integration Test, User Acceptance Test, Regression Test, Cross-Browser Test

The new e-commerce platform of the local opco GrandVision Benelux is built on Bloomreach for content management and Commercetools with a stateless integration layer integrating with their own back-end systems as well as at group level and with third party suppliers.

 During the project we organized and prepared SUT to ensure correct feed from external and internal source systems, as well as further processing of successful orders on impacted back-end and third-party systems for delivery, invoicing, replenishment, etc.

We managed the User Acceptance Test to accept the sprint releases from four feature teams, one integration team and three external suppliers in an agile environment.

Regression tests of the basic processes were conducted in every sprint release to check that untouched parts of the system remained the same.Multi/cross-browser tests were conducted to ensure consistency of the responsive design on the latest versions of the most used browsers and devices, based on the Google Analytics metrics. It also helped to ensure the consistency of look and feel of content in various languages and locales.

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