‘Het Financiële Dagblad Young Entrepeneur Pitch’

Our pitch about our Website Quality Assurance Services and Solutions in Dutch.

Upon request we have translated the pitch:


Of no web-application it is known if all the functionally is always working for a 100%.
Especially not, if the complexity increases, or when the application is in constant development.
Let alone, when you have to take all the different web browsers into consideration, or performance when the number of visitors increase.

IF functionality works, you can figure out in only one way: This is to test it!
This testing can be done in two ways again;
1 – Manual,.. testing every bit of functionality manually.
2 – spriteCloud

I am Mark Barzilay from spriteCloud. We are experts in Website Quality Assurance and Test Automation.
We look for solutions in high-end innovation. That we are, through Shell Livewire, one of the 20 most innovative startups of the Netherlands, confirms this.

With aid of our service portal test coverage and test results become clear.

Working together with spriteCloud doesn’t only result in a higher test coverage, but also to a more efficient test process.

In short, with spriteCloud you are certain that the quality of your web application is good!


Written by: Mark Barzilay

Graduated with honors from TU Delft in 2007 studying Electrical Engineering and Media & Knowledge Engineering. Founded spriteCloud in 2009 and worked on test automation ever since, helping out small and large companies with their test automation strategy and infrastructure. Mark is also leading the development on Calliope.pro, an online platform for all your automated test results.

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