eCommerce will be huge this season.
Is your business ready?

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

eCommerce will be huge this season.
Is your business ready?

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

eCommerce is huge in 2021

We all know the holiday shopping season is the most important revenue-generate period for retail, but this year is going to break records for eCommerce platforms. Here are some reasons why:

    • The coronavirus has shifted much of shopping online, and with the second wave hitting Europe during the holiday season, online shopping will increase by roughly 30% (according to Deloitte).
    • As shoppers moved online, so are businesses starting to offer their products and services there too. This means more competition, making ensuring a good user experience on your website is a priority.
    • The coronavirus has driven businesses online as they were losing revenue on in-store sales; this holiday season is an opportunity for companies to make up on lost revenue since the pandemic started.

With these factors in mind, you must make sure that your eCommerce websites and apps are ready to face the holiday rush. In the mad rush to get everything prepared for this period, some things are bound to break, especially when it comes to the complexities of an eCommerce platform. If you wish to try to do your testing in-house, read our article on “eCommerce Testing Best Practices” for tips on testing front-end issues.

Our software test engineers will try to break your website now so that no real users actually can. Before the wave of online visitors hit, make sure your website is at its best. Not doing so now could prevent your business from earning some much-needed revenue.

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eCommerce Testing Solutions

eCommerce systems are complicated, but fortunately, our expert test engineers are highly experienced from working with large eCommerce platforms. They are experts at breaking down what your development team has worked hard to create. Better our testers than your real customers. 

Unlike larger organisations, spriteCloud is much more flexible at providing testing solutions that suit your budget and requirements. We can offer our testers to help support your development team, in a traditional consultancy arrangement or we can provide testing on a fixed-term, project basis (7 days of testing at X amount). We can provide testing at almost any budget. 

Continue reading below to see how our various tests can benefit your eCommerce sites or apps.  Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a quote for testing your eCommerce platform.

spriteCloud Functional Testing Icon

Functional Testing

A good webshop experience is just as important as the products and services themselves. The most successful eCommerce platforms prove this point by giving their customers a seamless experience. Any difficulties in the checkout process, filling in shipping information, or navigating the product pages, and your visitors will abandon their carts and flock to your competitors.

Get in touch with spriteCloud to learn how functional testing can improve your webshop experience.

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Performance and Load Testing

spriteCloud can execute performance, load, and stress tests on your website before the shopping season begins. Doing so gives you enough time to ensure that your website can handle the increased load of shoppers without it slowing down too much. Speed is important, as every second of load time can lead to a 10% drop off of users and your earnings.

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Integration Testing

eCommerce systems are highly integrated and a true testament to modern programming. Multiple systems like user interfaces, customer databases, payment gateways, and order fulfilment systems make providing a seamless experience look easy. But making sure these integrations work correctly and consistently is no simple task, as any experienced full-stack developer can tell you.

Contact spriteCloud to test your integrations, before they test your patience.


Cross-Device/Cross-Browser Testing

Your customers shop for your products on different devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones), using different operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and via different browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, Internet Explorer). All will render your webpages differently. If you want to encourage shoppers to purchase from you, you need to provide them with a great experience however they choose to shop. 

Contact us to set up cross-device/cross-browser testing.

Software Testing Services - Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Icon

Cybersecurity Testing

With all the online transactions happening, the holidays are also an active period for cybercriminals. Whether its stealing credit card information from your customers or ransoming your website, hackers are looking for easy targets. Hacks are incredibly damaging to your reputation and financial security. spriteCloud can test your website and systems to help you defend against hackers.

Get in touch to learn how our cybersecurity testing can help keep your site and customers safe.

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