Is your eCommerce site
ready for the holidays?

Make sure with performance cybersecurity functional testing

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

Is your eCommerce site ready for the holidays?

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

Avoid an eCommerce catastrophe

The holiday shopping season is the most critical revenue-generating period for many retail businesses and eCommerce will continue to dominate the retail experience in 2021[1]. Considering the importance of a well-functioning eCommerce platform during this period means that making the investment in testing their functionality, performance, and security is well worth the effort.

As experienced software testers, we know what elements affect your revenue and can help you maximise your platform’s success by helping to correct issues whether they be functional, performance or security-related.

Our experience in testing websites and applications is trusted by large eCommerce platforms like Adidas, GrandVision, and Hunkemöller.

Performance Issues

The holiday shopping season is infamous as the busiest shopping period of the year and eCommerce apps and sites regularly slow down or crash due to a large number of shoppers.

The large number of products and images that need to load slow down the application. The number one complaint of mobile shoppers is slow load speeds [2]. In fact, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load [3]. That increases to 90% when pages take longer than 5 seconds to load [4]

User Experience Flaws

Users expect a certain level of ease and seamless functionality from a webshop. When expectations are not met users will abandon your shop and head to your competitors.

37% of visitors abandon checkout due to being required to create an account or due to complicated checkout processes (28%) [5]. Optimising checkout flows alone would increase conversion rates by 35% which could account for recovering $260 billion in sales in the US and EU [6].

Security Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity is no longer a “nice to have” it is expected from eCommerce websites. 84% of online shoppers refuse to purchase from an eCommerce site that is not secure [7].

Almost one-third of all cyberattacks are executed against the eCommerce industry [8]. With millions of online transactions made a day and companies depending on the holiday season for revenue, the holidays are an attractive time for cyberattacks and ransomware attempts.

Ensure a successful holiday shopping season.

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spriteCloud is an expert in testing eCommerce applications, meaning that we have the experience and know-how to guide your teams in finding and correcting issues with your e-commerce application. For example, we can help with common requests like:

  • Helping optimise your webshop to improve load speeds.
  • Testing your platform for integration issues between payment provider, order fulfilment, and post-purchase systems.
  • Reducing the back-end load of your mobile application.
  • Set up vulnerability scanning routines to monitor the security of your platform.
  • Attempt to attack your website like a hacker would to suggest security improvements.
  • Thoroughly test your website or application to breaking point so your real users can’t.

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