Is your webshop ready for
the holiday shopping season?

Make sure with performance load cybersecurity functional testing

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

Is your webshop ready for
the holiday shopping season?

Black Friday is here! Is your webshop running properly?

Until Black Friday

Avoid an online shopping disaster

The holiday shopping season is the most critical revenue-generating period for many businesses. This year a lot is riding on the success of eCommerce and the coronavirus has made this period more important for two crucial reasons:

    • This year eCommerce will account for most holiday purchases, as many businesses were forced to quickly offer their products online.
    • A successful holiday season is important this year as many businesses need to make up for lost revenue from the start of the coronvirus.

eCommerce systems are powerful but complicated things. As experienced software testers, we know this very well. We also know how to work with them, as spriteCloud works with large eCommerce platforms like Adidas, Ahold Delhaize, and Hunkemoller.

Even when using eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify to handle the back-end, there is still a lot on the front-end that can go wrong. Now is the time to prepare your eCommerce systems and websites for the holidays and ensure your business generates the revenue it needs.

Ensure a successful holiday shopping season.

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Main Problems to Overcome

Performance Issues

The holiday shopping season is infamous as the busiest shopping season of the year and this year eCommerce is set to grow by about 30% (according to Deloitte).

With such a large number of shoppers, websites can slow down or crash during this period. The number one complaint of mobile shoppers is slow page speeds. In fact, a two-second improvement in page speed can increase your purchases by as much as 66%.

User Experience Flaws

Users expect a certain level of ease and seamless functionality from a webshop. When these expectations are not met, maybe due to a checkout flow bug, users will abandon your shop and head to your competitors.

You need to reduce the friction your users experience by testing your website to ensure there are no functionality issues or other inconveniences that force your customers leave.

Security Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity is no longer a “nice to have” it is expected from eCommerce websites. Every year consumers place more emphasis on security as a criterion for choose whom to purchase from.

Fortunately, cybersecurity is not black or white. You don’t need to invest millions to protect your customers from cybercriminals, spriteCloud can help you secure your site without breaking the bank.

eCommerce Testing Solutions

spriteCloud Functional Testing Icon

Functional Testing

A good webshop experience is just as important as the products and services themselves. The most successful eCommerce platforms prove this point by giving their customers a seamless experience. Any difficulties in the checkout process, filling in shipping information, or navigating the product pages, and your visitors will abandon their carts and flock to your competitors.

Get in touch with spriteCloud to learn how functional testing can improve your webshop experience.


Cross-Device/Cross-Browser Testing

Your customers shop for your products on different devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones), using different operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and via different browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, Internet Explorer). All will render your webpages differently. If you want to encourage shoppers to purchase from you, you need to provide them with a great experience however they choose to shop.

Contact our team to ensure your website works on the important devices and browsers your customers use.

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Performance and Load Testing

spriteCloud can execute performance, load, and stress tests on your website before the holiday shopping season arrives, giving you enough time to ensure that your website can handle the load of holiday shoppers and keep going. Slow webpages cause your customers to leave your site. Good preparation can ensure a successful season.

Contact us for a quote on a performance and load test.

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Cybersecurity Testing

With all the online purchases being made, the holidays are also an active period for hackers. Whether its stealing credit card information or ransoming your site, hackers are looking for easy targets. Hacks can be incredibly damaging to your reputation and financial security. spriteCloud can test your website and systems to help you defend against hackers.

Get in touch to learn how our cybersecurity testing can help keep your site and customers safe.

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