How to write Gherkin scripts – A straightforward example

A screenshot from a video explaining how to write Gherkin scripts.

Today we will take you through step-by-step how to successfully write and execute durable test scenarios using the Gherkin syntax, using the payment pathway of an eCommerce website as a straightforward example. If you have not set up your environment to allow you to use Cucumber and Gherkin for testing, be sure to follow our setup guide.

Gherkin is a plain-text, business-readable language that is designed to be easily understandable by non-programmers. It is most commonly used to define regression testing or test automation, or define business cases in the case of a new feature or functionality within a system.

Writing your test scenarios in Gherkin correctly is essential to getting the right results. Writing them like how I will show you in this video is in an investment in the beginning. But, it will ultimately save you time because you’ll have clearly-defined processes that will make it much easier to branch off to other scenarios and create more test cases later on.

If you have give it a try and still don’t think you can create reliable test scenarios for your tests, then get in touch with us and we can help you setup a test automation suite.

Have a look at the 3 most common mistakes when writing Gherkin features to make sure you don’t develop bad habits. Interested in learning more about Cucumber and Gherkin? We’ve got a lot of articles that you will find useful.

Got any questions or comments? Are there any other tutorials you’d like us to do? Let us know by getting in touch at

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Written by: Gijs Paulides

Gijs is the lead developer and product owner of He has a background in functional testing, automated testing and developping in multiple different programming languages.

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