spriteCloud undertook manual integration and end-to-end testing for an e-commerce migration project for Hunkemollers Omichannel.

Project details

Client: Hunkemöller International B.V.
Website reach: International (NL, DE, FR, SE, ES, BE)
Date project: June 2019 until January 2020
Services: System Integration Test and End-to-End Test

The Hunkemöller Project included a change from Magento Commerce to Salesforce Commerce. Astound Commerce, a company in Ukraine built a new website for Hunkemoller. My role was to help the team with manual testing for the System Integration Test and the End-to-End Test.

End to end testing diagram

We tested for several countries, i.e. Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Sweden and many other countries. We needed to check all kinds of data in the webshop, Adyen, Business Manager, OIL (Omnichannel Integration Layer), Winkelfocus and Intersolve. After the test team had given its approval, people from Finance and S.A.P. (Systems, Applications and Products) also had to check the results of the test cases we carried out.

The collaboration with the team was perfect, everyone was willing to help each other and if necessary, everyone was willing to work a little harder. This certainly contributed to a good end result.

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