Manual integration and E2E testing for omnichannel project

Hunkemöller is a Dutch lingerie brand headquartered in Hilversum with over 900 stores worldwide and in 2018 earned 615M EUR in revenue.

Hunkemöller operates an omnichannel retail model, which contains own-operated stores, shop-in-shops, eCommerce and international franchises.

A state-of-the-art IT platform supports this omnichannel model. Using this 360 degrees retail experience, Hunkemöller can deliver a seamless customer shopping experience across multiple integrated online channels, like their webshop, mobile app and third-party online platforms, and physical stores. Hunkemoller’s online platform provides services like Click & Collect, Check & Reserve, Order in-Store and Return to Store.

Changing eCommerce back-end systems like this is difficult which is why testing and particularly end-to-end testing was required.

For example, this omnichannel allows customers to find a product in the webshop and collect it in the store so it can be tried on, which is preferable to many customers. The omnichannel system either pulls the product from the store’s inventory if it is in stock or sends the product to that particular store from a distribution centre. 

Doing this reduces the distance “returned” items must travel as they are added to the inventory of the store. It also provides greater customer interaction, builds brand loyalty, and boosts the up-and cross-selling opportunities. Read more about the benefits of omnichannel from Google.

spriteCloud undertook manual integration and end-to-end testing for the eCommerce migration project for Hunkemöller’s omnichannel platform.

Date project: June 2019 until January 2020

Project Details

The Hunkemöller omnichannel testing project included a change from Magento Commerce to the Salesforce Commerce system. Changing eCommerce back-end systems like this is difficult and time-consuming which is why testing and particularly end-to-end testing was required.

Astound Commerce, a company located in Ukraine built a new website for Hunkemoller. spriteCloud’s primary role in the project was to provide the team with manual testing for the System Integration Tests and the End-to-End Tests.

End to end testing diagram

We tested the omnichannel system for many countries, several of which included Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, and Sweden. Testing required that we checked various sources of data in the webshop as the omnichannel retail model is highly integrated with eCommerce, inventory, payments, and various web and mobile applications. Examples of data that we needed to check related to Adyen, Business Manager, OIL (Omnichannel Integration Layer), Winkelfocus and Intersolve.

After the test team had given its approval that the SUT met requirements, staff from the Finance and S.A.P. (Systems, Applications and Products) teams were also permitted to check the results of the test cases that were carried out, to ensure that they were expected results from a business perspective.

Team collaboration on the project went very smoothly resulting in the success of the migration and the continued seamless customer experience of Hunkemöller’s omnichannel retail operation.

eCommerce is hard, we can help make sure you succeed.

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