Testing for Digital Agencies

Tight deadline? Massive spikes? Not enough testers? Spiralling costs?

As a digital agency, you’ll know the importance of high-quality testing. And the positive impact that can have on the brand reputation of your clients. Keeping your clients happy from every angle and in every circumstance can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have a dedicated team of testers. Or enough testers. Or not enough senior testers. Or testing wasn’t exactly front of mind…and now you have a looming launch day.

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Deadlines are deadlines and they rarely move

Development and design always take more time than anticipated. And clients always want last-minute changes. With looming deadlines and spiralling costs, it’s sometimes hard to meet the level of quality you promised your client. And clients always expect a flawless experience after they go live. Across the widest range of devices. In any location

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Third eye

As third-party testers, we have a fresh perspective. A third eye if you will. And a lot of experience seeking out digital bugs. Which helps us notice things. Things people didn’t see or consider. Or issues that perhaps your in-house team can’t test for.

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Turning “Help?” into “High-Five!”

When you outsource to spriteCloud, we’ll make sure your client experience lives up to the promised expectations of high quality. Then you can focus on what your agency does best—strategy, design, having fun — and leave the bug hunting stuff to us. We love it.

We’re spriteCloud, a leader in software and cybersecurity testing.


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