Testing for eCommerce

I don’t want calls about my eCommerce site at the weekend

Nobody likes receiving call at the weekend to say that their e-commerce site is down or not working properly. For many brands, the weekend is peak shopping time. And bugs can cost not only money, but also reputation.

We’re in the business of helping you to deliver flawless experiences whenever and wherever your customers want to shop. We’ll do what it takes to keep your shoppers happy. And your weekend free. If that means finding bugs 24/7 across the world…bring it on. No problem. We’re flexible. Not like a circus freak. But you get the picture.

Who wants pizza?

Professional testers who are real eShoppers

eCommerce systems are truly global in spirit and structure.

Which is why we use an international community of highly experienced eCommerce testers. We can give you access to testers who can cover just about any special testing request. Heck, some of them have bought T-shirts and shoes online. On the way to the airport. In the back of a cab. What a world.

Testers with a life outside the lab.

Who know frightening amounts about things like fashion, food, fitness and finance. And these are just the f-words. Testers who are honorary members of the eCommerce and mCommerce club. Professional testers who are real eShoppers

eCommerce Shopping

Testing in the eCommerce context

eCommerce is rapidly becoming mCommerce as people are starting to shop on the go, on their mobile devices. So it’s even more important to have a seamless experience. It must work in all situations, in all context. Immediacy and quality of experience are a given. Or they’re gone. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Rangoon is very different from Rio

Testing your site on different devices in different countries has its own set of unique challenges. And not all places have good broadband connection. So you need to know whether your core features are working in major cities and rural areas.

Full demographic

Although the core functionalities of eCommerce websites are essentially the same, many of our clients look for test solutions that can be applied across different regions, are easy to maintain, yet flexible enough to fit different eCommerce projects.

Remote testing

Test automation is popular with our international eCommerce clients because it’s possible to test their full end-to-end process (ordering, shipping and returns process). That is, to automate ‘golden paths’ for different locales. With all the advantage of reduced manual effort.


Nearly all our clients have someone above them that needs to see a status report. Usually at the end of each day. We can help you keep everybody up to speed with the daily status of bugs. Helping you keep your board, your boss, and your customers happy.
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