Testing for Enterprise

Sites with enterprise level complexity are bug magnets

Few things are as complicated as making sure your enterprise site, or a site with an enterprise level of complexity, work in all locations and on all devices. Seamlessly. And bug-free.

We understand that websites with enterprise-level complexity offer their own unique and complex set of customer experience challenges. Each one is different. They’re usually located in multiple regions. With different products and services aimed at a diverse set of customers. It’s this complexity that makes them a magnet for bugs. Yet wherever the enterprise site is located, it must provide a consistently flawless customer experience. Of the highest quality.

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Customisable approach

For enterprise-level complexity, we work with you to get a clear picture of your testing needs. Getting to know and understand the scope of your requirements is crucial. Sites with enterprise-level complexity require unique strategies for testing. No two approaches are the same.

Finding Bugs

Testing approach

Our QA directors provide highly-detailed tests, based on best practice testing strategies. The result is a flexible, high-quality and customisable approach. Providing advice on the best way forward. Which usually includes quality assurance, test planning, long-term and short-term goals and budgeting.

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Flexible scalability to meet your challenging deadline

We’ll also supply the right size team (with the right mix of senior and mid-weight testers) to get you out on deadline. Minus the most damaging bugs and defects of course. Everything we do is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your reputation. While saving costs and reducing time to market.
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