Introducing spriteCloud’s Test Automation as a Service

Test Automation as a Service Process Infographic

Today spriteCloud officially launches our Test Automation as a Service (TAaaS) commercial offering. This is the culmination of many years of hard work and planning, and I am immensely proud to say we are finally here. We’ve also written many articles about software testing over the years and have recently brought them together in one post. Read our Test Automation guide.

Introducing Calliope Pro

At the heart of our TAaaS offering is our test automation solution, Calliope.

Historically speaking, a calliope was the first man-made machine to be powered by a script, which was something of an inspiration for us.

Simply put, we took the open source Ruby/Cucumber stack, put it into our own private cloud, and built a host of value added features that you would want in a commercial service. With Calliope, you get all the power of BDD test automation that is provided by Cucumber, but you get it all delivered through a browser-based web front-end that makes for a truly collaborative experience for everyone that can and should be involved in the testing activity.

With Calliope:

  • You are free of having to manage all the complexity of keeping Cucumber up-to-date and running.
  • You are free of having to have hardware to host it on.
  • You can involve as many people as you would like.

We consider it a professional production environment for Ruby/Cucumber that anyone can use, anywhere.

The real power of Calliope is that we can now offer test automation to any client, regardless of their office location. The days of having to have your TA team sat in your office are effectively over. I would even go so far as to say obsolete.

Calliope and spriteCloud’s test automation approach

So how does it work with us?

TA infographic

To start, we pair our client with one of our Test Automation Architects. The TA Architect is the single point of contact for the client, who will work with them to capture and define the high value tests that are really important, on a sprint-by-sprint basis. The TA Architect then does the heavy lifting to get the lower level script structure in place and solve any difficult problems.

With this “scaffolding” in place, the Test Automation Engineers move in to build the rest of the test suite, under the guidance of the TA Architect. When this is complete, our technology group in Kiev begins the maintenance work. Clients see results from day one. As each script is written, it can be run immediately in Calliope and provide you real feedback on your application.

Our TA service delivery model gives you skills as you need them, so you pay only for skills you are using, as you use them. This is much more cost effective than the ongoing expenditure of the current people-in-house-based TA service delivery model.

Built with the client in mind

spriteCloud’s TAaaS starts when you want and stops when you want, so clients have complete control of their budget for TA work. There are no project overruns, and no open checkbooks required. And finally, you own what’s yours, there is no lock-in with our service.

The scripts we write for you are your property. They are kept in a code repository of your choice. You control the access to the TA code base, so we have access only as long as you want us to. As all the test scripts will run with a local installation of Ruby/Cucumber – which is open source – your test suite will still run once we part ways.

If you’re working with a big proprietary TA service vendor, ask them if the same is true. We bet they’ll say no.

At spriteCloud we love three things above all else: technology, testing, and our clients. If you’re in the market for test automation, give us a call. I know we have something interesting to show you.

Need some help with setting up test automation?

We can help set you up or we can take care of the entire automation process. Get in touch below and let us know what you require.

Written by: Andy

Andy is a Founder/CEO of spriteCloud and Principal Software Test Consultant. He has 30 years experience in the ICT field, with the majority of it in software testing roles. He holds a B.Informatics, Hons degree from Griffith University, Australia. Andy loves anything IT tech and is an avid reader of UFO conspiracies.

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