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spriteCloud provided regression testing, performance testing and test automation services for the Bibliotheek.nl websites.

Project details

Client: Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Website reach: National
Date project: 2011 – 2019
Services: Regression testing, test automation, test automation maintenance and performance testing

Test automation and test automation maintenance.

The test automation suite at Bibliotheek.nl can be run on 4 different environments including production. For production, the setup can work like a monitoring function where changes or problems can be found quickly. Beneficial here is that most of the scenarios that are created can run on all the environments, creating wide test coverage with minimal effort.

Automated test suite details
Total number of test scenarios: 200 (per environment)
Total number of teststeps: 700
Total execution time testsuite: 20 minutes
Total development capacity: ~ 20days (including maintenance)
Current maintenance capacity (2hours per week)

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