LambdaTest cross-browser testing results in

LambdaTest and team up

spriteCloud’s and LambdaTest team up to deliver functional testing results.

What this means is that we have identified LambdaTest as an excellent solution for cross-browser functional testing in the cloud and recommend it to clients as our preferred Functional Testing Partner. This also means that LambdaTest has also seen great potential in as a reporting tool for their users and LambdaTest will provide one-click integration with in the future.

At the moment, however, importing your test results from LambdaTest to is best done via GitLab integrations.  You can log your bugs into your GitLab repository with LambdaTest’s one-click commit integration with GitLab, once that is done you can then push your results in your repository to via an API-endpoint.  Please review our documentation on setting up automatic results imports using GitLab.

Learn about Test Automation using our massive guide on the topic.

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a SaaS-based cross-browser testing platform that allows users to perform real-time and automated browser tests across 2000+ real browsers and operating systems in the cloud. With LambdaTest you can run your Appium and Selenium scripts across various mobile and desktop browsers to deliver cross-browser testing that is reliable, useful, and quick. 

How does it work?

LambdaTest uses real browsers, operating in real operating systems, using real machines. This means that you get accurate cross-browser testing results that represent actual use case environments. At the moment, mobile browsers are run on emulators, but this will soon be shifted over to real devices. No installation is necessary to use LambdaTest, simply log in at, open the virtual machine through the launcher, and start testing. Free users can run one session at a time and paid users can multiple sessions at a time depending on their plan. 

Why we like LambdaTest 

  1. Easy to get started

    With LambdaTest being hosted in the cloud, no installation is required making it incredibly easy to get started. It also provides a very intuitive UI making set up of tests even easier. 

  2. It’s less expensive when compared to other providers of similar services

    LambdaTest delivers quality testing and is roughly a third of the price of BrowserStack. That is a huge benefit.

  3. Testing of locally hosted pages

    You can test your locally hosted and privately hosted web applications using the Lambda Tunnel app to connect with LambdaTest servers via an SSH-based integration tunnel. 

  4. Integration with many management and communication tools

    LambdaTest is working hard to expand their platforms integrations so that it can fit into customer’s tooling.

  5. Supports all common programming languages and most frameworks

    LambdaTest supports all common programming languages likes Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and PHP, and most popular frameworks. + LambdaTest

Any tester can tell you that functional cross-browser testing is one of the most fundamental forms of quality assurance. LambdaTest provides a cost-effective method of real-time and automated testing across multiple real browsers and operating systems. The benefit here is not needing to maintain hundreds of different operating system and browser versions yourself, simplifying your test set up to spend time on actual testing.

Once the tests are run and the results are gathered, these test results can join the rest of your business-critical test data on your Calliope dashboard for easy team collaboration and reporting. This means that your cross-browser functional testing is now easily integrated with the rest of your test automation processes giving you the speed and oversight needed to boost your DevOps and Agile workflows. 

Importing LambdaTest Results to

Importing your LambdaTest results into is actually pretty simple and involves just two steps. This simplicity is thanks to both LambdaTest and being both hosted in the cloud and therefore allowing for API calls.

First, you need to fetch your test session details through the LambdaTest API. Follow the instructions laid out by LambdaTest as they go into a lot of detail regarding this process. 

Second, call the Calliope API to post the test results to your dashboard. Follow our documentation for API imports. 

Your test results should look a little something like this when you’ve done these steps correctly.

That’s it, you’ve done it. Now you’ve got great functional testing results able to be presented to all stakeholders in your development project.

Go get yourself a coffee. Not only do you deserve it, you’ll have a lot more extra time now to enjoy it!


New to LambdaTest? Give it a try for free at

Already a LambdaTest user? Sign up to Calliopec Pro for free at 

Written by: Travis Hatridge

Travis is the Marketing Manager at spriteCloud. He has an MSc in Marketing and a background in content marketing. He enjoys cooking, travelling, and long walks through the forest.

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