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We cherish our culture here at spriteCloud and we want to give prospective staff members and our clients the ability to see what working at spriteCloud is like. Whether it’s an introduction to new staff members like our ‘Getting to know…’ series, further information on what an internship at spriteCloud is like, and posts that give a general insight into our organizational mentality, take a moment to discover what ‘Life at spriteCloud’ is like.


For instance, get to know our digital marketer, Travis Hatridge. Find out what an internship at spriteCloud is like from our former marketing intern.


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Cloud bullying

My alien has returned to his own planet, leaving me with a re-organized brain and a manual. That gives me enough space upstairs to think about strategy, namely: why would a brilliant tester want to work at spriteCloud? Good question! In search of some inspiration for my weekly blog, the morning news brought an interesting …

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Cloud organization

My third week and something upstairs is happening. It feels like something is sorting and rearranging all information. A bit like the alien in “Men in Black II” in the post office. But because it feels like I outsourced it to an alien as well, there is a strange feeling going on between starting to …

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Cloud party

I survived my first week and let me tell you my head was filled with information. Best to be described as complete chaos upstairs. You know that feeling when you know that you know, but you have no idea where to find it? It is somewhere in that grey mass and hidden between all other …

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