Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) training at Miele

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an agile software development process designed to encourage collaboration between the three primary stakeholders involved in development projects; business managers, developers, and testers. BDD was born out of test-driven development and revolves around rethinking unit testing and acceptance testing. 

To acheive this, scripting languages are converted into natural language statements that can express the behaviour and expected outcomes as executable tests, such as with Cucumber and the Gherkin syntax. Unit tests should be written in order of business value, with acceptance testing being written using the standard agile framework, i.e. a user story using the classes ‘Given’, ‘When’, and ‘Then’.


spriteCloud has worked closely with Cucumber and created a high-quality BDD workshop for organisation’s looking to implement this development process.

We have given this workshop to many clients and to spriteCloud internal staff, and in this instance, we gave the workshop to a large team at Miele Netherlands. The workshop at Miele was a great success and led to the successful adoption of BBD at Miele.

“Thanks Martin, Mark and Gijs for the workshop. We learned a lot and it helps driving the transformation that we aim for.”
– Rob Klein Gunnewiek Head of Customer Insight & Data at Miele / Miele Netherlands

We had a large team of participants with jobs ranging from very technical to non-technical. We noticed that communication between members continued to improve as the training progressed throughout the day.

The content of the workshop was as follows:

Morning topics

  • Living documentation
  • Discovery

Afternoon topics

  • Formulation
  • Automation
  • BDD process
  • Wrap up and Q&A

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