My visit to VR days Europe

At spriteCloud, we love technology. We are one of Europe’s first Virtual Reality testing companies and we are proud of it. So, when VR days Europe was held on our doorstep, we did not hesitate to dive in! We were proud sponsors of the event and our testers were active participants. I went there on Friday, 4 November. I give you an impression of what I saw and heard below.

Our day started at VRBase, where we attended two panel discussions about VR and AR in the workspace. SAP Germany showed us a virtual boardroom they have developed to demonstrate the potential of different ways to display information. Their solution shows company information clearly and efficiently. For the real estate market, they created an application which makes it possible to have an interactive model of a building project. You are able to see the whole building or different floors. This gives you a much better idea of the building than when you are looking at a scale model. The applications we saw showcased the power of AR and VR in a corporate environment.

OCE demonstrated a VR training application for the HTC Vive. With this application, field engineers are able to train for the maintenance of very large printers. The application makes this possible before the printers are built, considerably reducing time to market. VR is not a replacement for other ways of training – classroom training and practice on real machines is still important – but thanks to this VR application, training becomes more efficient overall.

In the afternoon, we went to the VondelCS building, where we visited various exhibitions showcasing cutting edge VR applications and technologies. We had some great VR experiences, including playing one of the first VR RTS games developed by Force Field VR.

It was exciting to see what is going on in the VR world. spriteCloud is proud to be part of the ongoing effort to bring VR to a larger audience.

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Written by: Andy

Andy is a Founder/CEO of spriteCloud and Principal Software Test Consultant. He has 30 years experience in the ICT field, with the majority of it in software testing roles. He holds a B.Informatics, Hons degree from Griffith University, Australia. Andy loves anything IT tech and is an avid reader of UFO conspiracies.

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