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This category page contains blog posts, interviews, and press release that speak about recent news in the software testing world and news from spriteCloud as well. If we are attending a particular event, celebrating a milestone, or have important news about a new service offering, this is the place you will find it.


For example, we’ve recently launched a cybersecurity and penetration testing arm, which is doing quite well. The press release announcing the addition of penetration testing series can be found here.


You are here because you are interested in software testing, which means you might find like our interview series called ‘Testing Titans,’ where we talk with knowledgeable or influential software testing and quality assurance practitioners. Read the first of the interview series with Bas Dijkstra, a test automation consultant and trainer.


In July of 2019, spriteCloud celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The accompanying blog post is a fun way to see spriteCloud’s growth from 2009 to 2019. It’s also great looking at pictures of spriteys, past and present.


SpriteCloud nominated for the LiveWIRE Young Business Award 2010

After participating in the LEF contest, spriteCloud is nominated for the Shell LiveWIRE Award. Here follows the dutch press release: Validatie van website-functionaliteit Zouden of ooit zo succesvol zijn geworden wanneer er in de website functionele fouten zouden zitten? Complexe websites met bestelstructuren, aanmeldschermen of andere functies met een hoge interactiegraad dienen zeer …

SpriteCloud nominated for the LiveWIRE Young Business Award 2010 Read More »

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