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The spriteCloud Partner Program is modelled on general Affiliate and Reseller programs in use by many commercial companies. This section presents a high-level overview of our Partner Program. The sections that follow provide the working details.

spriteCloud offers quality assurance consulting, software testing, and cybersecurity services and products to small businesses and multi-national, enterprise-level organisations. To get a better idea of our products and services, as well as our service delivery methods, please review the links below:

The main strategic goals for this program are:

  • Increase the active sales channels that spriteCloud uses to generate revenue.
  • Leverage the prestige of Partner’s own brands for mutual business development.
  • Leverage the business reach of Partners who are established in businesses we cannot reach on our own.
  • Increase the geographic regions that spriteCloud has active sales in.

Partner types can be categorised broadly as follows:

Individuals NL [1]-based ZZP[2] / BV[3] business owners.

Worldwide technology professionals who are active in a particular domain of business. i.e. Advertising or Creative Tech company Project Managers and Producers.

Worldwide professionals building large business networks to provide technical services which work for many customers at the same time.
Small domain-specific
technology companies
NL-based testing services companies or ISVs [4] who wish to partner with a company providing a toolset that they can revenue-share with.

Worldwide consultancy companies who want to add expertise into their organisation that they do not have, or do not want to maintain full-time.
Large domain-specific
technology companies
NL-based large or enterprise-sized companies who wish to add a toolset or expertise from a local company for a specific project. Commissions become a desirable way to compel long term partnerships.

Worldwide enterprise-sized companies who would like to

spriteCloud offers a single partner program that both individuals or companies can join. There are two distinct channels with respect to commission remuneration. Broadly speaking, these two channels can be described as:

Affiliate channel (specific details follow in the next section)

Affiliate channel deals are based around the Partner acting as an introductory middle-man; they make an introduction between spriteCloud and another party and step out of the way. spriteCloud will then start and own the business negotiation process, and the end deal. In recognition of the contribution of the introduction that leads to paid work, we pay a referral fee.

Reseller channel (specific details follow in the next section)

Reseller channel deals are based around the Partner acting as a full-fledged external business development representative who can bind spriteCloud and a prospect to a contractual agreement. RP’s [5] will function in many respects like independent service vendors and recruitment agencies (where appropriate). They will enjoy ongoing referrals in the form of revenue percentages paid out for both Calliope Pro license fees and testing services consultancy invoices. However, they will be expected to own the end-to-end sales lifecycle for a prospect and accept the business point of contact between the prospect and spriteCloud.

Any individual or company that wishes to become a spriteCloud Partner will be required to go through an evaluation and onboarding process. The evaluation will ensure our businesses are compatible and no significant competitive blocks exist. The onboarding will be the contract negotiation and sign-off process that formalises our partnership. This is expected to take 1 – 2 working weeks.

Once the evaluation and onboarding processes have been completed, a spriteCloud Partner can choose which channel they will follow on a per deal basis. A Partner will announce deals to spriteCloud and callout, per deal, whether they want to own it as a Reseller, or pass it through to spriteCloud as an Affiliate. In the event a Partner is not sure, they can discuss this with our Business Development Group. 

This makes the implementation of a partner program very straightforward; a Partner goes out into the marketplace and finds work that spriteCloud can fulfil for them, either with our software product or not. Where a partner acts as a middle-man and makes an introduction of a prospect to spriteCloud, and our company directly negotiates and closes the contract as a business owner, a small commission is paid to the partner. Where the partner takes ownership of the client negotiation and contract closing work, they are paid a larger commission. 

The amount of effort a partner puts per deal in is entirely up to them, and can differ from client to client, across their business network. Partners will be provided with a financial rate card specific for them, that has all testing services roles, and Calliope enterprise plans so they know pricing upfront.

Partner Agreement Constraints

  • spriteCloud Partner Program contracts are subject to and determined by Dutch (the Netherlands) law. Any legal disputes will be settled in a competent law court in Amsterdam, NL.
  • An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)  will be required to be signed by a Partner prospect before any business-sensitive information is exchanged, such as our services price model.  
  • A referral fee is paid only once to a partner for a prospect.
  • A partner is entitled to a separate referral fee for Calliope software product licenses and software testing consultancy services.
  • Partners may operate on behalf of spriteCloud in worldwide markets, with the exception of countries under EU sanctions or places where spriteCloud deems to be unfavourable for business. No other restrictions are made on where a partner finds new work contracts, but they may be required to ensure contracts outside The Netherlands are legally binding, and that issued invoices will in fact be paid.
  • A business relationship is defined as a contract for either the provision of professional software testing services or Calliope Pro software product licenses.
  • For testing services and enterprise Calliope Pro product licenses, a partner can set up their own prices above retail rates up to 15%. This is applicable only to a contract that is owned (and negotiated) by the partner. This is considered a Reseller channel contract. spriteCloud Business Developers who own an end-client negotiation process will set their own prices according to our company pricing plan. This is to allow partner flexibility to adjust prices in accordance with local market rates for their business area. It also gives partners a monetary incentive to own a business process with their prospects.

Affiliate Channel

Affiliate channel work represents the least amount of work for a partner and is rewarded with the lowest commission fees. The main work activities will be:

  • Introduce new customers to Calliope.pro. 
  • Introduce new customers to our Commercial Group for software testing consultancy services.

After the first point of introduction, spriteCloud Business Development Managers will take ownership of the client and assume the primary role for communication and contract negotiation. The partner will not be an active participant in any discussion or negotiation work. 

Calliope product license referral fees

Affiliate channel work will entitle the partner to a one-off fee based on the type of license that is sold.

  • STARTER PLAN: No fee.
  • PRO PLAN: Bonus: EUR 50,-
  • PLUS PLAN: Bonus: EUR 150,-
    • The bonus is payable immediately after successful billing in the 3rd consecutive month, e.g. License purchased 1st January, renewed 1st February, renewed 1st March, the bonus is paid in March.
  • ENTERPRISE PLAN: Bonus: 5% of the base license fee. This commission will be paid for 12 months inclusive of the first month an invoice was issued.

spriteCloud software testing services fees

Affiliate Partner customers will be paid a fee once the following conditions have been met.

  • The client has purchased services equal to or greater than 3000 euro (excl. BTW [6]).
  • The resulting invoices have been paid by the client.

Partners will be paid a commission, per software testing resource, of 5% of the monthly invoice amount less any value-added tax, on the spriteCloud retail financial rates. This commission will be paid for the first 12 months inclusive of the first month an invoice was issued. The second 12 months will entitle the partner to 2% commission for testing services work. At the end of the second 12 months of work spriteCloud will own the client and no further commission will be earned or paid.

Referral fees for testing services work will be paid after 30 calendar days of the client payment being received.

Reseller Channel

Reseller channel work represents an active sales role for the distribution of spriteCloud’s Calliope.pro software product and testing services. The sales role of the Partner was the main activity that managed the sales negotiation of a business contract and was directly responsible for signing (closing) a business deal. spriteCloud Business Development Managers will not have any contact with the partner’s client. The partner will act as the intermediary between spriteCloud and their client, and fulfil all work activities required to close a contract. The overall result is a measurable financial gain in revenue for spriteCloud B.V. or one of its associated business entities.

The main line of demarcation between Affiliate and Reseller channel work is whether spriteCloud Business Development Managers were actively involved with an end-client. Any direct end-client meetings, discussions, networking, negotiations or sales closing work by the spriteCloud Business Development team automatically makes any contract part of the Affiliate channel. Where the partner fulfilled all work to close a deal and was the only party to consult with their assigned Business Developer for provisioning of work, or software product licenses, that contract will be considered a Reseller channel.

Partners who are awarded Reseller Channel contracts will be entitled to keep the commission fees for the entire length of time the client is an active paying customer.

Partners can offer support and other value-added services to their customers that are built on spriteCloud testing services and software products.

Calliope product license fees

A new paying Calliope customer will entitle the Partner to a fee based on the type of license that is sold.

  • STARTER PLAN: No fee.
  • PRO PLAN: Bonus: EUR 50 euro. One-off payment.
  • PLUS PLAN: Bonus: EUR 150 euro. One-off payment.
  • ALL ENTERPRISE PLANS: Bonus: 10% of the base license fee, plus any markup commission that is agreed between the partner and their client. Paid at the end of each calendar quarter.

The bonus is payable immediately after successful billing in the 3rd consecutive month. E.g. License purchased 1st January, renewed 1st February, renewed 1st March, the fee is paid in March.

spriteCloud software testing services fees

Reseller Partner’s will be paid a commission, per testing services resource, that is 10% of the resource fee amount, or 5, whichever is higher, ex VAT/BTW.

Partner’s software testing services fees

In the reverse situation, Reseller Partner’s can staff a Calliope Pro based project with their own resources for better financial reward for themselves. In this case, spriteCloud will be paid a commission, per testing services resource, that is 10% of the resource fee amount, or 5, whichever is higher, ex VAT/BTW.

Partner Benefits

All Partner benefits are at the discretion of spriteCloud. Benefits can be bestowed either in part or in whole, depending on the type and amount of business that a Partner may bring to spriteCloud.


spriteCloud can actively market Partners as part of our company marketing and public promotion activities. This will include referencing Partners on our website, along with a short description of their business domain and contact details. 

Education programs

Resellers will receive training from spriteCloud staff on Calliope Pro. This training should give a Partner a working understanding of the software product and the benefit it brings to a customer.

The training programs can be delivered either in spriteCloud’s office or via online virtual meeting.

Product Support

A Partner will be considered a priority support customer of Calliope Pro. At the time of writing, spriteCloud does not have distinct and different levels of customer support. So a priority customer can be considered one where requests are received and processed to completion in as quick a time as feasible.

Support is provided according to our standard hours of 0900 – 17.00 for NL-based working days.

Contracts, Billing and Accountancy Support

spriteCloud SOW [7] / MSA [8] contracts will be used for a Partner to formalise a work agreement between the Reseller Partner and their end-client.

Partners will need to sign a spriteCloud Partners Agreement, which will bind spriteCloud and the Partners together and set forth the terms and conditions of their partnership.


[1] The Netherlands.
[2] Freelancers and self-employed people.
[3] Private Limited Companies.
[4] Independent Software Vendors.
[5] Reseller Partners
[6] VAT – value added tax
[7] SOW – Statement of Work
[8] MSA – Master Services Agreement

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